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  • Need Some Ideas

    So, my co-worker and I have this "prank" that we do. It all started when he walked by my desk, picked a dead leaf off my plant and threw it at me. It has since become a hide the dead leaf game. When we come across a dead leaf on one of the plants, we will hide it somewhere on the other persons desk and see how long it takes the other person to find it.

    Well now he has made a change. When I was out to lunch on Monday, he cut out a small picture of Napoleon Dynamite (Who he knows I positively can not stand. I HATED that movie) and attached it to a picture of hubby and me. It has taken me 5 days to notice. The entire office knew about this and it took me 5 whole days to notice! Napoleon kinda blended into the background. It was nicely done, he looked like he was there in the restaurant with us.

    Now, Im not too good at these prank things and I need some ideas to get him back. Of course they have to be "office appropriate" so I dont get fired. Just something to keep fun going.

    Any ideas?

    (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)

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    Re: Need Some Ideas

    How about do the "Fill the cubicle up with dead leaves" thing to see how long it takes him to notice?


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      Re: Need Some Ideas

      steal his mouse and replace it with .....? lol


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        Re: Need Some Ideas

        OK I have a few....Change a few of his letters on his keyboard on his computer by switching them around. Or take the numbers on the keypad to the side and make them start with 1 and not 9. It might take him awhile to notice.


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          Re: Need Some Ideas

          or you can take onesmall object off yur co workers desk every day and see if they notice


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            Re: Need Some Ideas

            Here are some ideas:

            Slash his tires and see how far he drives before he does irreparable damage to the axel.

            If you see him 'dozing off' at his desk, hide some cookies in his mouth.

            Secretly switch his real coffee with sanka ... and urine.

            Switch his phone with a banana, call his desk and when he answers the "phone" toss his real phone at his head. Repeat the phrase, 'who's laughing about Napoleon Dynamite now? Huh?'
            Tref ...


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              Re: Need Some Ideas
              1. Get everyone but your target in on it and never come by his or her office twice in a row wearing the same clothes.
              2. Staple ever unimportant paper on their desk together.
              3. Take a exploded pen and replace it with your co-workers.
              4. If your target has a computer, reposition the monitor everyday.
              5. Fill an empty white out bottle with milk and replace it with your co-workers.
              6. Put a live lobster or any other creature in the file cabinet.
              7. If computer has speakers turn the volume all way up or way down depending on your mood.
              8. Taping down the switch hook buttons on a phone gets some interesting reactions. When the mark answers the phone keeps ringing.
              9. Program the mark's phone to forward to the office paging system.
              10. Ask your mark, "ARE YOU GETTING FIRED? WELL, THAT'S THE RUMOR."
              11. Does your coworker have fish in the office? Take the fish and leave a ransom note.
              12. If a coworker brings a bag lunch, switch the contents. It's even better if you switch it to something totally random. (beer, rubber cement, condoms, etc.)
              13. Pull the labeled buttons off of their phone and rearrange the order and put them back on their phone. They won't be sure of which line is which or which connects them to the boss!
              14. Tape your victim's telephone receiver down at top and bottom when they are away from their desk. When they come back, call them from your desk and watch them struggle to answer.
              15. Put transparent tape over the read out of a calculator. It makes the numbers blurry.
              16. If your boss wins some kind of prestigious award, manufacture a phony memo from the company president announcing the discontinuance of the award.
              17. By a package of approximately 200 of those little paper bathroom cups and neatly arrange them all over the subjects desk. Then staple them all together and fill them with water. See how long it takes them to figure out how to get rid of this set-up without spilling water all over their paperwork, files, computer, etc...
              18. Take the paper out of the copier and write "Everything written of the flip side of this paper is a lie!" Put it back into the copier mixed with regular sheets.
              19. Take one of your coworker's 3 1/2" floppies and label it something banned at your workplace.
              20. A good practical joke you can play on someone at work is with the intercom in the store. (This joke will only work if you have to dial a number on the phone to use the intercom.) Tell new workers that you must dial the intercom number to dial out.
              21. Bye a voice changer at Toys 'R Us and answer the phone in strange voices.
              22. Does somebody smoke at work when they're not supposed to? Put Ambesol on the filter of their cigarettes. Watch as their lips and mouth go numb when they light up!
              23. Seal the boss's desk during their vacation in Seran wrap.
              24. Get Valerian Root capsules (at health food stores) and when co-worker is away from desk, take his phone apart and open a capsule or two of Valerian Root in the mouthpiece then replace. Guaranteed to smell terrible!
              25. At lunch, swap the worker's real food with look-a-like dog toys.
              26. If someone is applying for a job, call them back and leave a wrong number. They go crazy for a while until you call them back apologizing.
              27. If the drawers to the victim's desk has a board under it you can take the drawer out, take the contents out, put the drawer back in, but UPSIDE-DOWN! Then, while the upside-down drawer is partially opened, put the contents back in and close it. When t he unsuspecting victim opens the drawer, all the contents fall out!
              28. If able to impersonate supervisors voice, call co-worker and have them write incident report/memo on "their problem". Watch as they turn it in.
              29. This only works if Janitorial staff works late and not early. If you work in a building that has a no-smoking policy, buy a carton of (soft pack) cigarettes, an ashtray, and stay really late one night. Place the ashtray on the victim's desk. Light up about 5 cigarettes and place them in the ashtray. Throw away the rest of the cigarettes but keep the packs. Crumple them up and toss them all over the victim's office/cubicle.
              30. Take some cellophane and open up the glue bottle. Put the cellophane across the opening, then close the bottle. Watch the victim try to squeeze glue out. They either open it up to check, or they squeeze to hard, breaking the cellophane and spraying glue everywhere.
              31. Tell a new worker that everyone has tomorrow off because of the boss's religious beliefs. See if he shows up the next day.


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                Re: Need Some Ideas



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                  Re: Need Some Ideas

                  43 Pranks to Play at Work That May or May Not Get You Fired
                  Photocopy an entire dictionary and fax it to the CFO.
                  1. Call phone-sex numbers and transfer the calls at random.
                  2. "Accidentally" send a personal e-mail to the entire company voicing your disapproval of your boss's constant reference to the CEO as an "ugly, stupid, lazy, spineless *****".
                  3. Write a coworker's initials in White-Out on the photocopier.
                  4. Schedule a series of important departmental meetings and forget to show up to them.
                  5. Send blank sheets of paper via interoffice mail. (Marked "urgent" and "confidential", of course.) Remember to send a few to the mailroom; they'll especially get a kick out of it.
                  6. Replace a commonly-accessed file on the computer network with a scanned image of your ***. (An updated version of an old classic.)
                  7. Anonymously post quotes from Adolph Hitler on a company bulletin board. (Quotes about "team spirit" can be particularly inspiring.)
                  8. Adulterate other people's lunches: take bites out of sandwiches, sprinkle bacon bits in vegetarians' salads (also works well with Orthodox Jews), and spike the thermos of iced tea with grain alcohol.
                  9. See how long you can hide a paper bag full of tuna fish in the back of the refrigerator before someone notices it. (Writing someone else's name on the bag goes without saying.)
                  10. Put a paper bag full of your own feces in the microwave and leave it cooking on high.
                  11. Page someone over the company intercom with the message "Your sex-therapist is on the line and wants to reschedule the appointment."
                  12. Set a mouse free in the office each day. When the problem becomes an epidemic, send snakes after them.
                  13. Draw a flip-cartoon of a man running on the bottom of every notepad in the office supply closet.
                  14. Hide in the supply closet and scare people when they open the door.
                  15. Put a fake rubber hand in your sleeve, and when a secretary walks by, stick the hand in a paper shredder and scream.
                  16. When someone is at lunch, use their computer to e-mail a 200 megabyte database file to everyone in the company. The e-mail's subject, of course, should contain at least one vulgarity.
                  17. Misfile.
                  18. Hire a temp to do your job for you.
                  19. Submit letters of resignation for other employees.
                  20. Conduct all correspondence with your friend in the next office via Federal Express early-morning next-day delivery.
                  21. Submit a written complaint to the human resources department that, in your opinion, your boss spends a little too much time looking at pornography.
                  22. Tape a sign to a female employee's back that says "I've been sexually harassed."
                  23. Tape a sign to a female employee's back that says "Will **** for promotions."
                  24. Dial the phone number of the guy in the next cubicle whenever he walks away from his desk. Hang up before he can run back to answer it. Repeat often.
                  25. Hire a stripper for the office Christmas party.
                  26. Send counterfeit memos from the company president, politely letting employees know that they've been fired and must clear out their offices and leave the building immediately.
                  27. Covertly replace people's PowerPoint presentations with "director's cut" versions, containing a nice dose of nudity and misleading bar graphs.
                  28. Report rumors daily via the bathroom wall.
                  29. Pull a fire alarm while someone is in the bathroom.
                  30. Make sure your expense report contains at least one reference to the "client meeting" at the "gentleman's club".
                  31. Whenever a coworker makes a mistake, offer them the opportunity to "help you out" in exchange for you not reporting the mistake to their boss.
                  32. Sneak into the conference room before the next major meeting and place nametags in front of each of the seats. Assign black people to one side of the table and white people to the other.
                  33. Sew a tag containing a coworker's name into a jockstrap or bra, and leave it on the center of a conference table before a meeting. (Small sizes of these garments improve performance of the prank.)
                  34. Post a list of the communists in your company on a conspicuous bulletin board. If you're not sure who the communists are, take your best guess.
                  35. Take a stack of resumes from the recruitment department and schedule some interviews for fictional, but high-paying, positions.
                  36. Post your boss's telephone number to the discussion group.
                  37. Shoot a cap gun, bang some pots and pans, scream into a megaphone, or do whatever else it takes to have an enjoyable surprise birthday party for the senile old that no one has the guts to fire.
                  38. Suggest to the human resources manager that the company picnic be replaced by a "fun day giving back to society", volunteering at a recycling center, soup kitchen, or drug rehab center. Increase your chances of success by making the suggestion in a crowded elevator.
                  39. Hand an envelope to the new guy and ask him to deliver the "cancellation of pension" memo to the sixty-four year old mailroom clerk.
                  40. See how many funerals in a row you can get away with leaving work early for.
                  41. Wallpaper your office with pictures of Christ.
                    And finally:
                  42. Respond to every request by your boss with the phrase "I would prefer not to."


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                    Re: Need Some Ideas

                    I did this to one of my teachers in high school.

                    Download a random sound wav from the net (I used Han Solo's "I got a bad feeling about this" line)
                    Repeat the sound about 50 times, save the new mix
                    In the control panel, change every sound the computer makes with that.

                    Fun times.
                    St. Elizabeth, Patron Saint of Themed parks. Protect us from break downs, long lines, and used gum. Amen.

                    "Dance like it hurts, love like you need money, and work when people are watching" - Dogbert


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                      Re: Need Some Ideas

                      :lmao: :lmao:

                      Thank you guys sooo much!
                      Some of these are great!

                      Thank you Crazylegs for the list and the website. I will be doing some of these next week.

                      Tref... remind me to never prank you.... )

                      (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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