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Division of Labor


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  • Division of Labor

    Out of curiosity, who does what at your house?

    I do the laundry, cook all meals, volunteer in the girls' classrooms, do all the bill paying, sweep, clean the bathrooms, grocery shop, do all deep cleaning, mopping, dusting, etc.

    My husband works, coaches one daughter's softball team (not enough time to coach both ), washes the cars (like twice a year, I usually go to the car wash down the street), cooks breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings, makes the girls' lunches, takes out the garbage, and folds the laundry. He occasionally pulls weeds (I never EVER do) and does some yardwork. We have a fully landscaped yard and patios/decks, so there's not much yardwork to do, and we pay someone to take care of all the shrubbery (there's a lot). I make him vacuum upstairs because I hate lugging the vacuum up there. :lmao: Sooo, it happens seldomly.

    My eleven year old....does the dishes about 50 percent of the time, sometimes sweeps the kitchen, sometimes wipes the kitchen table. She HAS to make her bed before leaving the house, plus pick up her laundry and put it in the laundry room everyday. Each day she doesn't pick up the floor of her room, I take something. (Heehee, call me Madonna ya'll!) We spent hundreds re-doing her bedroom (her Paul Frank sheets cost more than mine!) for her birthday, so that was our agreement. So far she's only lost one thing (Julius pillow) and it's been over a month! It's a miracle!

    My seven year old....sometimes feeds the cat and turtle. Occasionally she remembers to clean the bathroom sinks. She'll clean her room, but it takes more than 24 hours to get it done.

    My five year old....bosses us around.

    What's it like in your house??

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    Re: Division of Labor

    I sit around.
    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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      Re: Division of Labor

      I cook, do the laundry, and dishes (actually I just load the dishwasher) My husband never does any of those things.
      But -We both clean- dust and vacuum. I tend to clean the bathroom and our bedroom - he cleans the spare room (I never do) we both take care of the living room. He takes the dog out more for his wallks (mostly do to time- he is home more than I am) But I usually take the dog to the vet.
      The dog makes a mess!
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        Re: Division of Labor

        Things I never do: Yardwork, fix things, put in new flooring, work outside the home, build things like gazebos and outdoor kitchens.

        Things he never does: Laundry, take kids to doctor, take cats to vet, clean bathrooms, shop for clothing for kids or himself!

        Almost always I take/pick up kids from school and extracurricular activieties (but he does when he coached one of their soccer teams), plan and transport to play dates, help/check homework, ready the children whom are too young to ready themselves for school, pack for the children for vacations.

        We both give baths, read stories, cook dinner, grocery shop (but while he was working grocery, he did that WAY more than I), play games, talk to them about "issues".

        Daughterfer does the handwash after dinner 70% of the time, sorts laundry, occasionally does a load, fold her and her sister's stuff, feeds the dog, occasionally cleans the litter boxes, and best of all: babysits whenever I need her to-- FOR FREE, because I'll pretty much buy her whatever she wants :cgrin:

        Small girl loads/unloads the dishwasher and feeds the cats daily. The best part is that she does a good job and doesn't have to be asked to do it repeatedly...too often. It's harder to get her to shower and brush her hair than it is to do chores.

        Littleman takes out the garbage and the recycles.

        Babyboy sometimes goes with Littleman to empty garbages if it's nighttime to "keep him company" (Littleman is scared of the dark). He doesn't do jack otherwise.
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          Re: Division of Labor

          He does daily cleaning, I do deep cleaning.
          He does 99.9% of the cooking, I only cook Sunday evenings.
          He washes the laundry, I dry and fold, he puts away.
          He cooks, I wash, son dries and puts away.
          Son does garbage duty.
          We both grocery shop and do the school thingies
          He and son do yard work, I have bad allergies.
          He spoils the cat son does litter box..

          All in all.. Im happy and lucky for my set up.

          (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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            Re: Division of Labor

            I work a lot (60 hours a week + PTA projects, etc) so the house was falling apart, by the time I'm doen working on whatever it is that needs doing, I'm tired and fall asleep...the house started to suffer for it

            so we came to an agreement...since I don't have time to do the cleaning right now, they have to help HUGELY (is that a word?) or I'm hireing a housekeeper, and the $$$ for that comes out of the family entertainment budget evil I know, but it's working :evil:

            So hubby takes care of the kitchen (sorta) K helps in there too, He also does all the laundry but mine, and takes care of the yard (we have a service, but they suck), sometimes he even vacumes and he has all car responsabilities

            I pay the bills, Make all the phonecalls that need to be made (I think B hates the phone) clean the living room, keep track of finances, organise all activities (school, home, rec, etc) Tidy the kids rooms a bit, clean the playroom ([Diaper pail, tables, dishes, stocking, vacuming, etc....]business), all kitty related chores (K and I share the litterbox)

            We share the cooking, pretty equally.

            K (11 yrs) Cleans the bathrooms (she's really good at it) sets up and takes down the port-a-cribs every day for me, helps with the kitchen, kitty litter.

            T (6 yrs) Dusts, does the base boards, he does the recycling (he loves it), and brings the garbage cans up after they have been collected. (he also sometimes helps me put the toys away in the playroom)

            Both kids are responsable for their own rooms, and making sure their laundry makes it to the laundry room, both help fold the laundry sometimes.

            IT's not too bad around here right now, noone feels overworked, (yeah right) but it feels fair....

            you should have asked this 3 weeks ago :lmao:


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              Re: Division of Labor

              Hubby cooks every night. Every once in awhile, I will do it, but it's rare. We take turns getting the kids to bathe and ready for bed. He mows the lawn, which I actually love to do but he won't let me. Everything else that needs to be done, just gets done by whoever sees it. One thing he has never done is clean the bathrooms, I always do that. He cleans the kitchen and then I go behind him when he's not looking and do it right.

              Oldest: Takes out trash and recycling, rinses dishes and loads dishwasher and sets it to run in the middle of the night. Puts away her laundry and any laundry of her sisters that need hanging up.

              Middle: Puts dishes away, feeds animals, puts away her non-hanging laundry, folds and puts away towels when they are dry.

              Youngest: Puts away her laundry, helps feed animals (she probably does it most of the time herself,) helps do laundry.

              They all do various other things during the week. It's pretty much a household where if something needs doing, we'll have the closest kid do it or we'll do, depending on what it is. I will say that he does WAY more housework than I do. My job is more focused on the kids, I'm the one who helps with homework, reads the books to/with them, plays games with them, signs all the papers they need signed and anything else they might need done that doesn't involve me cooking for them. :lol:

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                Re: Division of Labor

                AA, our households are very similar minus the me having employment factor :blush: I also like to mow the grass but not so much anything else outside. Also, we have a HUGE lawn-- the bag has to be emptied twice before you're finished. I also grab whatever kid is around to do stuff. I HATE cooking. I know the names of the kids' teachers, their classroom numbers, which classmates are little *%$#@!s and the like.
                I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
                That explains the trouble that I'm always in...


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                  Re: Division of Labor

                  I don't do laundry, but I do everything else!

                  This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                    Re: Division of Labor

                    I cook, he washes dishes (most of the time)
                    I'll clean and straighten up the apartment, if he cleans the bathroom (I HATE cleaning the bathroom!)
                    We both do laundry together, since we both hate it so much.
                    Most of the time I do the grocery shopping, but sometimes I can drag him along
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                      Re: Division of Labor

                      Let's see...I can't list everything I let's list what HE does!

                      Yard work..allthough he's trying to pawn some of this off on Bailey. Pays the bills. And...well...let's see...he irons for himself. And he's nice enough to use his bath towel two days in a row!

                      I think that's it!


                      Kat : Cleans her room...with constant reminders. Picks up her bathroom..again constant reminders. Pooper scoops the backyard. And feeds her dog.

                      Bailey: Trashman! Cleans his room...after I tell him about 20 times.

                      Both kids bring in the groceries when we've been to the store. I hate that! They both are responsible for getting their laundry to the laundry room...and putting it up. They will fold towels for me...and I try not to watch.

                      Other than's all me!!!!
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                        Re: Division of Labor

                        I'm reading MellyMouse's list and I think I might be married to her!! :lol:

                        I forgot the most important: My husband does the litter box. I haven't done it since I got pregnant for the first time....12 years ago. :lmao: Recently he asked if the danger to my unborn child was over yet. I can't imagine ever having one of the girls do's so gross. He's ready to give it up though.

                        My oldest has to fold her own clothes and put them away. The reason for this...we'd fold them and give them to her, and she'd thrown them on the floor and never put them away, or ball them up and throw them on the bottom of her closet! Now our deal is that she puts them away or I KEEP THEM. It's been working for months now. It sucks that threats are the only thing that works with this kiddo.

                        My middle daughter is such an airhead...she wants to do her chores and she means to, she just gets lost in the middle of them. She'll go in to clean the bathroom sinks and come out an hour later with lip gloss on, freshly brushed hair and a toilet paper necklace, she'll have played tic tac toe on the mirror with get the idea. Attention deficit? Um, yes. Slightly. :lmao:


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                          Re: Division of Labor

                          Like BK I'm not going to list everything I do I'll list what "they" do and go from there :lol:

                          K does the lawns, yardwork, pool and any fixin' that needs to be done, that I can't do. (since he works out of town 4 out of 7 days he can't do much here anyways :lol

                          Dkid#1-Does the catbox, takes out the garbage does their bathroom once a week and loads the dishwasher.

                          Dkid#2-Does catfood and water, feeds the outside cats, empties the dryer, puts pots and pans away.

                          They both have to do their own rooms, which is why they always look like pits :lol: and after I seperate their laundry they have to put it away.

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                            Re: Division of Labor

                            Originally posted by stinkerbell
                            My middle daughter is such an airhead...she wants to do her chores and she means to, she just gets lost in the middle of them. She'll go in to clean the bathroom sinks and come out an hour later with lip gloss on, freshly brushed hair and a toilet paper necklace, she'll have played tic tac toe on the mirror with get the idea. Attention deficit? Um, yes. Slightly. :lmao:
                            This makes me laugh! My 7 yr old son (kid#3) is like this. He's not spazzy, he's extremely patient (as in: "Mom, may I have lunch?" "Sure son, lemme just ______ and I'll make you something." -1 hour later- "Mom, may I have lunch? :beg: " ), but if I send him upstairs to get his shoes on, I'll find him there 20 min. later involved in some elaborate game with Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh or knights or something. "Got your shoes on yet sweetie?" "Uh, almost mom!"
                            I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
                            That explains the trouble that I'm always in...


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                              Re: Division of Labor

                              I do most of the cleaning that gets done (in other word, our place is a disaster of Titanic proportions!). Bear will wash his work clothes and put them in the dryer but never hangs them. He is really good about the kitty box. Other than that it's a crapshoot. About every 2 or 3 months, he gets the crazies and spends all day doing 1 thing. Oy, if I didn't love him so much...
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