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Pooh's got a Star!


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  • Pooh's got a Star!

    Saw a picture in todays newspaper showing Pooh receiving his Star on the Walk of Fame!

    Congratulations, Pooh!:thumbup:

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    Re: Pooh's got a Star!

    an d hey I ant to tell you a bit of history

    ha ha ha

    when i last visited my home city of winnipeg manitoba canada

    we went to the zoo there

    there was a plaue there commenerating pooh beer

    it seems a english solider was stationed in winnipeg manitoba, canada, he acquired a real bear for wsome reason,.. he grew a liking to him

    he was stationed in winnipeg for a few eyars

    but when it was time to go back to england.. he couldnt bring back the bear.. hew as heart broken......

    anywyas this bear was named winnie.. bevcause of the cioty name of winniopeg

    he was put into the zoo there.. and was taken care of for years and years until his death

    so this is why they call him winnie the pooh

    al;so hge had friends nicknamed christoip[here ropbin, piglet, eyy ore, etc

    isnt this amazing

    I never knew this until about 5 eyars ago when I decdided to FINALLY VISIT my parents

    My American hjubby was so intrigued by this

    I am going back there next summer..... i PROMISE TO TAKEW PRICUTES of the statues about winnie the pooh ok

    this is the ture story of the pooh bear

    Friends for life


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      Re: Pooh's got a Star!

      Hooray for Pooh!
      Originally posted by aashee
      We are 100% grade A Disney Dorks.


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        Re: Pooh's got a Star!

        So technically POOH is canadian like I am



        Friends for life


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