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  • The Avatar Thread

    Avatars have become somewhat of a facination in them selves here at MiceChat. Whether we're gawking at Cousin Orville's latest creations, or rating them or changing them or trading them, avatars have certainly capured our interest.

    Now I know there are some people who wonder how certain people make their avatars, or where they get them, or would like to have someone make them an avatar, so I think this could be the place.

    Let's have this be our one-stop-thread for avatar discussion.

    Incedently, in case you're curious, here's how I made my avatar:

    1. I designed the animation in flash.
    2. I exported the images as PNGs
    3. I compiled them into an animation in Jasc Animation Shop

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    I called my 13 year old into my room and asked him to take some pictures of me. I had a friend resize them for me because despite all I can do on my computer I have yet to figure this one out, and I added the little Mickey at the bottom and poof! That's me!

    I'm going to do something more creative, but I have been lazy lately.


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      Due to my less than superior typing skills, I appear to have misspelled "Thread" in the title of the thread. Could a mod please change that? Thanks.


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        You had a lot of work to make yours.... I found mie.... before that i had a friend deisng it in MS paint/photo shop.... then put it together in a .gif.. and give it to me... then i made some slight modifications....


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          Whined to Evil Minion about not having a picture, he sized this one down for me He rocks :bow:

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            i just googled mine! teehee


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              oh luscious dole whip....mmmmmm. I had dole float last night!!!! YUM
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              Homer: So, which is it? Blue or purple?
              Marge: Pink.
              Homer: D'oh!
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                I had a friend from another site make mine for me based on a googled image. It was a simple crop and resize deal, but I had a brand new computer at the time that didnt have any picture editing software, not even paint!
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                  I took a digi pic of my favorite Disney shirt.

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