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    The very first car I owned was a 1929 Model A Ford coupe. My dad and older brothers liked antique cars. The coupe was in awful condition but my dad said that if I would restore it, I could have it. I started when I was 14 and finished about 6 years later. Around 1976 my (then) wife and I drove it from San Diego to San Francisco and back on a weeklong jaunt. I drove a 1948 Ford (which I traded a bicycle for) to high school. Then a 1958 MGA coupe, 1965 Corvette roadster (I still kick myself for selling it!) 1985 Mustang convertible and my current driver, a 1989 Toyota Convertible. I still play with old cars and also currently have a 1924 Chevrolet, 1929 Model A roadster, 1937 Ford and my grandfather's 1929 Farmall tractor.
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      ^^ :bow: :bow: :bow:
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        Oh how I love when we talk cars... (sigh)
        My very first car....... My Dad and I went car shopping. He was going to let me have what ever I wanted. I chose the Buick Skylark...

        This is close to what it looked liked.

        Then I spent my days racing
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          My first car was a '93 Dodge Shadow that I purchased from a car rental place, when it was only a year old. (Before that, I borrowed cars from my parents.)

          My Shadow was bright blue and was known as "Suzie" (yes, "The Little Blue Coupe"). She lasted me many good years through 2003, without a single breakdown.

          Then, I bought my new CR-V, and sold Suzie to a spunky older lady who fell in love with her.
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            Originally posted by Disneykat
            It has the Mickey Mouse dice that they sold at DL a few years go hanging from the rearview mirror
            I have those too!

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              First I had a moped, then I upgraded to my grandmas 1986 Chevy Celebrity. Burgundy with a vinal roof, high class all the way
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                I got my first car my senior year of high school ('86). It was a 1973 Chevy Van, bright ORANGE, with a mural of a beach on both sides and brown "wave" trim. The interior was all brown & orange with a couch that made out into a bed, a fridge, and a storage cabinet w/drawers even. It was probably the biggest piece of crap floating in a sea of crappola but I can honestly say that I had the best 4 years of partying in the back of that van. And don't tell my parents cuz they still think I was at the movies.

                I also used to sleep in it on days when I needed to recoup. Once I slept in the D-land parking lot after work and woke up 8 hours after I had finished my shift! Ahhhh, those were the days.

                Sadly (Or happily in my case) the Party Wagon died a slow and horrible death. It's parts were rusting out, the engine was held together with gum & twine and I think I ran over at least one or two telephone polls in it.


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                  Promise not to laugh, okay?

                  My first car was a tan 1967 Volkswagon Bug. Can't remember the name of it, but I still have the keys to it floating around in a box in my garage. I received it as a belated Sixteenth birthday present from my mom and step-dad on my step-sister's birthday (she is on my dad's side).

                  Anyway, I loved the car. I washed it, pretended to drive it, and worked up to actually driving it in anticipation of getting my license the next month, right in the middle of finals.

                  The day of my driving test, I had to switch cars with my uncle because he was the only person I knew who had an automatic. (And who takes their driving test in a stick!) Somehow, my parents allowed me to drive back with a friend in the car. On the way home, I ran a red light. No one was coming the other way, and, in a moment of blondness, I had already been sitting at the light waiting for it to turn green.

                  So after a while, my newly minted driver's license is burning a whole in my pocket. With our french books in hand, my friend and I decided to go to the library to study. By library I mean to go smoke in my car while cruising on Ventura Boulevard. Everything was going fine. Next thing I know, people are yelling "Get out of the car!"

                  No one was seriously hurt, but I managed to crash my first car four (yes I said 4) hours after getting my drivers license.

                  (Hey! You promised to not laugh! )
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                    My first car was a small, shiny orange one. I took it around the "track" a few times when I was of age (6 years old).

                    Twelve years later, I was driving a 1986 grey Ford Taurus. Get this: my parents bought TWO because they were the modern car back in the day. The Tauri were 14 years old when I started to drive. "Rosie" - named after Rosie the Riveter - broke down on me twice within the first two months of earning my liscense. I wholeheartedly agree with ALL of the aforementioned acronyms! The engine overheated, the fan belt broke, and the oil leaks had eaten through a few important hoses. After a year, of taking me to community college and back with a sunbleached Eeyore displayed in the rear window, we donated Rosie to Make a Wish.

                    I'd like to meet whoever's dream has come true because of Rosie.
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                      I had a '86 Honda Accord that I loved dearly, even though parts of it were pieces of crap. The sunroof leaked (once poured ice cold water down my ex-boyfriend's back... I laughed so hard! :lol: ), but it was overall a really good car. It survived me learning how to drive (a standard) and I still miss it to this day. It finally gave up the ghost as I was driving down the busiest road in the city during rush hour (engine blew). That was fun!

                      I then went on vacation for two weeks and when I came back, my parents has bought a 2002 Hyundai Accent Sports Edition for me (I made payments, but the car was in their name since I couldn't get credit since I was only 19 and didn't have any credit!). I had it for a year and then got into a really serious car accident with it - was $250 away from totalling it (I was pretty banged up too...) and repairs took like 6 weeks... I got a nice rental out of it though! After almost a year and a half, it's almost as good as new...


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                        My first car was a 1995 Mercury Tracer Wagon that my parents let me use. But the first car I bought myself was a 1994 Ford Mustang GT when I was 21. Like most the other cars in here, it was in an accident and then another one, but that thing is built so solidly that it keeps on truckin'. After a few years I got sick of driving it in traffic (5-speed stick) and never being able to shift out of 3rd thanks to people almost never driving the *actual* speed limit so I bought a 1997 Ford Taurus GL. I still have both of them.


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                          My first car was a 1999 Pontiac Firebird (white). I LOVED that car...until it was rear-ended and totalled by a Ford F-150 driver who was too busy trying to drink a slurpy than pay attention to the road!

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                            My first (and so far only) car is my current 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, with a 5.7L Hemi . Love this truck. Can haul/tow/move anything I need, andis still perfect for fun drives through the country.


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                              Originally posted by Emelius_Browne
                              My first car was a white '91 chevy acura,
                              What, praytell, is a chevy acura? did you drop a chevy V8 into an Acura Integra or something? :confused:


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                                First and only: '93 Geo Tracker. The car that doesn't know its cheap junk, and will not die.
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                                  My first car was a 1980 Datsun 310GX. (a what?!) It was burgandy w/ a lovely gold stripe. Yes, I even bought it myself for something like $1500, or $1200 back in 1987. I used money I'd received in a legal settlement from a hospital when I went in to have my tonsils out and had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and broke my front teeth. Lucky me! (?)
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                                    My first car was a 1988 Suzuki Samurai hardtop named Wilber that I bought from my best friend for $1000.00. He was an awesome first car, until he blew up after two years with no oil change. (I really didn't know you had to change it every so often!)
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                                      My first car was a 1971 Chevy Vega. (You can stop laughing now.) It was actually a good car, but when I went to college, my parents brought a new car, I got the 1980 Dodge Diplomat and the Vega went to my brother, who promptly totaled it (on prom night).


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