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Flugtog- Anyone Ever Been?


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  • Flugtog- Anyone Ever Been?

    Hi, Red Bull is hosting their first ever Arizona Flugtag (German for 'Flying Day') where you make a craft and try to fly/crash the coolest and farthest. I'm curious if any of my MC peeps have ever gone? It looks like a great time and it will be at the Tempe Town Lake, which is a fun place.

    Here is the link for more info and they have a cool video game.
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    Re: Flugtog- Anyone Ever Been?

    We went a couple years back. It was fun, but you definitely want to go early and get close to where they launch off the pier to get a good view.
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      Re: Flugtog- Anyone Ever Been?

      O I saw one of these in London, such a good laugh! The atmosphere is great, everyone is so friendly, and the flying is awful!

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        Re: Flugtog- Anyone Ever Been?

        Thanks guys! It looks super-fun judging from the videos online. I can't wait to see the disastrous crashes, failed attempts and hopes and dreams ripped to shreds. It will remind me of prom night.


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