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The PirateMunkee is da' hizzhouse!!!


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  • mamabot
    Welcome Pirate Munkee! Glad to have you here on MiceChat. You should check out the Cast Members' Break Room when you feel like talking shop.

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  • PirateMunkee
    started a topic The PirateMunkee is da' hizzhouse!!!

    The PirateMunkee is da' hizzhouse!!!

    Hello hello hello.
    True name is Troy and I'm a former cast member with a very long family history with the park. My grandfather helped build the park when he was with the carpenter's union. My father was head of the Disneyland Art Dept. in the early 60's and did the conceptual art work for Cruella DeVille for 101 Dalmations and the Toy Soldiers Uniforms used in the Parades at all the parks. My very first job was Disneyland back in 84-85 in the New Orlean's Main Kitchen.
    Currently I live in Santa Cruz California and going to Cabrillo College with a major in art. I plan on getting my AA (Finally) and transferring to Cal State Fullerton and eventually back to Disneyland as an artist, following in my dad's footsteps.
    I have two places here that carry my artwork for sale (Capitola Reef Jewelers carries my Underwater chalk pastel work and Club Aquatic Sports which carries all my surfing artwork)
    Besides Art, I bodyboard (aka Boogie Boarding) (Difference between Bodyboarding and boogie boarding...When your board costs you over 200 dollars as opposed to a 30 boogie board and you're out there in the surf lineup fighting surfers for waves as opposed to playing in the white water, then your bodyboarding), and get homesick for Southern California by playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on my PS2.
    Glad to be here especially since I've been an avid Al reader since the DIG days.

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