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San Joaquin County under tornado warning


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  • San Joaquin County under tornado warning

    I'm watching the news and its seems there's a tornado warning in effect in San Joaquin County!

    Last storm it Sac tornado now it's here, weirdddd

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    Stay safe.... (Tornados in Ca.. streange... usually during elmino years they hit FLA instead....)


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      Where is San Joaquin County?
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        You pass through it while heading south on I-5 or 99 from Sacratomato to Disneyland.

        There is San Joaquin County (Stockton) and the San Joaquin Valley (Sacratomato-Bakersfield).


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          as of 2 weeks ago (I forgot to post, so I'm not sure how accurate now)

          CA had the most tornados in the US this year not Oaklahoma which usualy heads up the count but California!

          Tornado's, earthquakes, mudslides and floods....why are homes so expensive here?



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            Stanislaus as well, they said around 430pm. I was watching two cells of clouds swirling around in the distance. It never turned into anything, But it sure was strange.
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              Be safe!!!
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                That is freekin strange. The weather this winter was so totally bizzare. Cali got all of Washington's rain, and now they're getting the midwest's twisters.
                I sure hope they don't have the southeast's hurricane's when we are down there next fall!

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                  There were 2 funnel clouds in North Sac today, that almost touched down


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                    I'm just waiting to hear about surfs up in West Sacramento

                    I used to live there, now I live in Alaska. Weather up here is getting warmer every season but then again we are all for it.... :lol:
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