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"Beauty and the Beast" - Alternate Ending


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  • "Beauty and the Beast" - Alternate Ending

    I wrote this for fun. I thought you guys might like it.
    ~ Brad

    by: Gemini Cricket

    The final petal released itself and fluttered gracefully to the table top.

    All was silent for a moment. The only sound that could be heard was the constant ticking coming from Cogsworth.

    Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth all gasp in anticipation as they wait for their master to rise to his feet. He does not. They look at each other in wonder. Without warning, Lumiere and Cogsworth are transformed into their human forms. They hug each other happily. Mrs. Potts, however, is not as lucky. A curtain of magical dust surrounded her but as it leaves, we see that she has the body of a human but her head is still a teapot. She screamed, looking at her reflection in the glass windows.

    The laughter was not to last for long. Belle walked up to her prince and put her hand beneath his nostrils. There is no breath. She felt his chest. No heartbeat.

    The former clock and candelabra, so distracted by the tragedy at hand, looked around them. The once dark and dreary castle was replaced by its equal dressed in white and marble. A shaft of sunlight hit the terrace happily.

    The shaft of sunlight before them flashed from a warm gold to a subtle green. Another rain of magic and a beautiful woman appeared before them in an emerald gown.


    Chip continued his laughing fit on the ground.


    Belle sobbed on.


    Belle ran through the town and headed towards her house. Her heart raced as she saw the mill wheel turning gracefully greeting her as always. A curious looking kite flew up to the sky from the chimney. Father was at it again. She burst into the house.

    In the middle of the basement was a long steel table connected to electrodes and glass devices that lit up with lightning inside them.


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