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Why Certain Names Work


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  • Why Certain Names Work

    Here at MC, we like to call most of our features Mice____, where the blank is the feature. Generally, most of our selections roll off the tongue (such as MiceMail and MiceClubs). But why do the names work so well?

    Originally, the arcade was suppose to be MiceArcade, but that name isn't near as catchy, or nice sounding. The key is the disyllabic names. Anything over two syllables doesn't flow, and anything over 3 is hella confusingly to say.

    It's the same reason why Disneyland is so easy and nice to say. Same reason we like to call it DCA, two syllables lead to a nice easy roll off the tongue. Especially when the second syllable is stressed. Disney's California Adventure has 9 syllables, hella long to say, and you can easily fumble over your own words.

    Look at other successful products: eBay, iPod, MapQuest. All take their claim to fame because of disyllabic names. Even the disyllabic names are fun to say: Wolfy, Dusty, Grumpy, Mickey, just to name a few.
    -Monorail Man

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    Re: Why Certain Names Work

    So so true makes so much sense You rock


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