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I saw Dick Van Dyke!


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  • I saw Dick Van Dyke!

    Not sure if this is in the right forum, so feel free to move it!

    Anyways, I was in Santa Anna yesterday to compete in an a capella competition with my singing group, and it was announced that opening the competition was going to be Dick Van Dyke and an a capella group. He looks and acts just the same (except he has white hair!) He sang Chitty-chitty-bang-bang, The Bare Necessities, a Mary Poppins medley, and some other song I wasn't familiar with! It was just so cool to see him! I couldn't believe I was seeing Bert from Mary Poppins!

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    That is really cool, I would love to meet him. One person I would love to run into. Loved all of his career of T.V and Mary Poppins especially.
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      Now There is a person who should be at the 50th Celebration!

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        I've met Henry Winkler and Kelly Ward since I've been here at USC.


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          I met Dick van Dyke at a play a year or so ago. He was so charming and friendly. Definitely someone who embodies the Disney spirit. A terrific guy.
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