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The coldest hands have the warmest heart.


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  • The coldest hands have the warmest heart.

    Yesterday, when we went to the bowling alley, as we do, most Saturdays, we were greeted by sad news. We found out about the passing of a very special lady. Her name was Adeline. Everyone who has ever had a child involved in the youth bowling league at Waveland Bowl on the North Side of Chicago knew Adeline. My children, remember her, and my sons are 38, and 34. She was a regular sight to all the children that have bowled in the leagues at Waveland. Her obituary today in the Chicago Sun Times says that she was a coach. The kids know that Adeline was there collecting their league money, and ordering their awards, and keeping track of their averages for the past 30 years. Her husband Bill was there by her side, helping her do what she loved to do the most, and that was helping the younger bowlers at Waveland Bowl. Adeline always had a smile on her face.

    My grandson began to bowl about 7 years ago, and that's when I met Adeline. Her and her husband were there every Saturday. They would collect the money, and hand out the score sheets, and keep everything running smoothly for the kids. When awards day came, they were there early, getting everything set up. Adeline, herself was a bowler. She bowled on a Tuesday afternoon league that I ended up joining myself. Her and Bill did all the paperwork for that league too. She had a respectable 120 average, even up to the time, that she could no longer bowl, due to her many health issues. Adeline endured many health problems in her life, and she always fought threw them, and came back.

    It was at the Tuesday League, that I got to know her the best. I would be sitting at the score table, and we would talk. I would be talking about my grandson Sean and she would be talking about her children, and grandchildren. When you wern't looking, she would love to come up behind you, and put her "cold hands" on the back of your neck. I was always very warm, when I bowled. I always bowled in short sleeves. Adeline liked to get you to squeal, about the coldness of her hands, and then she would smile. She was a pincher too. She was the heart and soul of our Tuesday League, and when she could no longer bowl, the league folded. Her hands were cold, but her heart was the warmest I have known.

    Adeline, I am going to miss you.

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    Re: The coldest hands have the warmest heart.

    Why don't you send this to the editor of the paper, so people who knew her are able to read it?
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      Re: The coldest hands have the warmest heart.

      Originally posted by Trekkie Dad
      Why don't you send this to the editor of the paper, so people who knew her are able to read it?
      yes yes! i was thinking the same thing as i read that beautiful tribute!
      i felt sorry for NOT knowing her!!


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        Re: The coldest hands have the warmest heart.

        not only is a nice tribute, but it's also a good piece of writing.

        Send it in barbarrann. Send it to the papers so others can remember this woman as well.
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          Re: The coldest hands have the warmest heart.

          Awe sorry to hear Barbaraann...

          I agree, you should send it in and it will really be a great memory for all to read.


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