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  • What do you collect?

    I collected disney pins for a while. Now i'm collecting charms for my bracelet. I want to start collecting glass animal figurines, garden gnomes, flamingos or any neat antique items.

    I'm always looking for something new to obsess over! So, what do you collect? Anything unusual? Anything expensive? Anything compulsive?
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    Seriously, all my money goes into the kids. It is almost as if we have side-by-side Disney Stores and Toys-R-Us' in our house rather than kids' bedrooms.

    Once upon a time ago, I used to collect pigs. I have a few left, but they are all in storage.
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      Oh mannnnnnnnnnnnn. I have a massive collection of Marvel and DC comics and comic book related action figures! Lego figures not the blocks. I am such a geek. I also have an exstensive DVD collection. I also collect cigars, cigar boxes, lighters etc. I also collect books, I want to have a hardbound library someday. I also collect scripts, I have a massive container with close to 100 television and film scripts

      If I could start another collection it would be vintage movie posters, framed and in good condition!


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        I enjoy building 1/38 scale WWII models, collecting DVDs, movie posters of my favorie movies, and (suprise) Ive started to collect Stitch stuff.
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          Movie posters, dvds and rare vhs, books
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            I have never collected anything until we moved and now I am trying to get ahold of as much disney stuff as possible to make me feel at home.

            Oh, I guess my husband and I collect movies. We never rent because we always forget to return them so we just buy them. After we moved, they have been all boxed up. We actually just bought a bunch of shelves for our new theatre room and put them all on display. We still have a whole box we couldn't even fit. I need to count them one of these days and figure out just how many we have.
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              I collect hardcover cookbooks, although i will admit that those are heavy items to collect. I actually just went through and got rid of a bunch of a bunch of them so I can grow my collection a bit more.

              I also collect prints of vintage travel posters and prints of vintage alcohol advertisements (they're all really cool looking). They're all just small prints, but some day I'd like to really start a collection and buy some really nice big ones and frame them all.

              I used to collect white teddy bears (they're in storage now) when I was younger, but I don't anymore.


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                Disney paper - expecially from the 1960's-70's. This includes lobby Cards, Maps, brochures, books, etc. I have a pretty large collection.


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                  Disney Snowglobes, I've run out of room & need to buy another curio for them.
                  Disney character figures, started last summer so I only have 3 :o
                  Disney "toothpick holders" aka shot glasses
                  Disney ornaments

                  When my oldest was a baby I started collecting Disney Princess Dolls, but with the boom of Princess stuff I lost interest. :o

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                    Just guess?

                    <<<<<<<<<Aristocats....cells, snowglobes, stamps, pins, toys, clothing, figurines!

                    That is for my dining room only!

                    Also collect any kind of other cat items, you name it, I've probably got it! Most proud of my LLadro (Spanish artist) cat collection, got almost all of them that were ever made.
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                      We have a "Disney Tree" for Christmas (three Different trees) This one is all Glass W/ Radko's and Assorted Disney Ornaments we have collected.
                      Just Collected a Sculpture or glass Mickey Painting Walt Like Norman Rockwell. (Self Portrait)
                      Funny story- I was in NOS and saw a pin that I liked and wished they would make a Glass or Porcelain, Well guess what? As I'm shopping World of Disney, I found it!!!

                      Now collecting everything Tin or Toy collectible from 1930- 1960's. Now all I need is a display for them.
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                        Willow Tree Angels

                        I have a collection of Black and White/sepia tone pictures that I have taken. I guess I can't call it a collection since I took the pictures.

                        Scrapbooking supplies

                        I'm in the process of rebuilding my Disney collection that I got rid of a yr ago...VERY LONG STORY
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                          I've probably collected everything at one time or another, but mainly DVD's, CD's, pins in general (Disney pins included), books and most recently Disneyland attraction posters.


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                            Turtle stuff, cute snowmen and shotglasses. I've recently started a Disney pin collection and apparently a Tink collection. (I used to collect pins a long time ago).
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                              I have collected Disney figurines and mugs since I was little, and I have a small snowglobe collections. I used to collect miniature dogs and animals, but now I just collect DVD's.
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                                Well, I colle collect Disney Pins, the obvious Disney obsession.

                                I also collect Disney Park maps, which I've been collecting since 1999. I have holders that match the ones at the parks, and whenever I go to a Disney park I stock up on all the most recent maps at that resort.\

                                Plus just general Disney memerobelia.


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                                  i have quite a few DVDs. i would not say I collect them, per se, but they do seem to accumulate. Same with the large number of books I own.

                                  I do collect anime cels. Sadly, my tastest have come up to the point that I cannot get one or two new cels a year. I would ~LOVE~ an Ah! My Goddess cel of Belldani, Urd, Skuld, or Peorth, but they generally pass my limit or I find another, more impressive cel for the same price.


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                                    I have a very small collection of Disney snow globes. I also collect DVD's. I think if I had more space I would collect more Disney things.


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                                      Peter Pan memorabilia.

                                      DVDs-- though due to lack of money and somewhat a lack of interest in having lots of 'stuff' it isn't as big as most film buffs' are. Despite being all film-buffed-up.

                                      Oh, and people. (Not in, say, little jars. I just like knowing lots of people.)


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                                        I collect-

                                        Disney- snowglobes, stuffed animals, barbie dolls, movie & attraction posters, mugs, pins, books, movies, happy meal toys, disneyland maps and disney figurines.

                                        I also collect anything I Love Lucy (dolls, posters, etc...) all things Elvis and old movie posters from the 40's & 50's, Old movies ( MGM musicals, RKO movies) and books about the Golden age of Hollywood.


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