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I told you so.


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  • I told you so.

    My 13 year old grandson was coughing last week. He wasn't running a fever or anything, and he was sniffling a little bit. I figured he had an allergy to something. Take him to the doctor with an allergy, and they want to give him allergy medication that just makes him dopey. His dad drops him off last Friday, saying he should go to the doctor for his cough. Mom comes tp pick him up on Saturday, after bowling, like she always does, and I do the rant, about the allergy theory. My husband this whole time says to me, that he should go to the doctor.

    A week goes by, and we pick Sean up from school. He passed 7th grade and we took him out for a late breakfast. He was tugging at his ear, and complaining how he couldn't hear out of it.

    Now Sean has had a lot of ear infections. I mentioned that tomorrow, when Sean's mom comes too get him, she can take him to the doctor. In the meantime, Sean is talking to his mom on the phone. She calls the doctor, and we end up taking Sean there, today.

    Doctor examines Sean and the left ear is infected. My husband didn't exactly say "I Told You So," but he wanted to. He is the first one to say take him to the doctor. Sometimes we have and nothing. Well today. Something. No biggie. Except the antibiotic they gave him was a whopping $56 before the insurance. Mom is going to have to go back to apply her insurance, if she wants to get that cost reduced.

    So, anyone else have any interesting, "I Told You So" stories?

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    Re: I told you so.

    My family decided to take a summer road trip a few years back around the west and mid-west. When we where in Wyoming, it got really dark and windy with hail the size of small grapes. All the big rigs and cars started pulling over. Our car, because my family is brilliant, was the only one stilla driving down the road. (we were going about 30mph on the highway because of the wind). Finally, I told my mom that we had to be experiencing a tornado. She didn't believe me until we read the paper the next day.


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