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    Every now and again I hear someone say in a thread:

    Originally posted by A Suprising Number of People
    Well this is off-topic but there wasn't a thread for it so...

    So, let this be the thread for all of our "Odds and Ends". Sort of the thread that is on-topic by being off-topic. You can post here any interesting links, stories or questions that just don't seem to fit anywhere else. Please keep it family friendly however.

    So here is a completely random story I've been thinking about. Back around a year or so ago when The Disneyland Source closed, I went over to the Disney Experience. Now The Disneyland Source had closed because of server and bandwidth problems. As my luck would have it, Trader Sam over at the Disney Experience had joked in his update letter that The Disney Experience would have to close due to bandwidth theivory (people were hot linking the wallpapers). My heart so sank for a few moments before I realized it was a joke.

    Well there you have it... It doesn't really fit anywhere else, but here it is. So, let's hear some of your Odds and Ends!

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    My end just looks Odd!

    War is over if you want it...

    Peace - Love - Mickey Mouse


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      momzilla, you make me laugh


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