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Happy Birthday Bass Shakers


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  • Happy Birthday Bass Shakers

    Enjoy your special day!

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    Bass its your birthday??!! Well hot doggy I hope you have a great day full of fun!

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    Originally posted by AGhostFromThePast
    all you need to know about the mommy stick is.. out of all the bad things that could happen to you... it's right between wetting yourself and death.


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      Happy Birthday!


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        Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your Bass

        Happy Birthday- have a great day!
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          Have a shakin' good birthday!!!

          Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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            Have a fantastic, wonderful, great birthday,


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              Have an extra fun birthday!
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              Homer: But Marge, this one came with a corn-cob pipe!
              Marge: [reading from the test box] "Ahoy, Maties! If the water turns blue, a baby for you! If purple ye see, no baby thar be!"
              Homer: So, which is it? Blue or purple?
              Marge: Pink.
              Homer: D'oh!
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                Gelukkige Verjaardag!

                War is over if you want it...

                Peace - Love - Mickey Mouse


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                  HAPPY happy Birthday!!!!

                  (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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                    Why, thank you all! I've been pretty busy with this birthday thing yesterday and today, but it's been great! I even had a Disney castle cake. Pictures to follow later.
                    My finger points.


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                      Happy Birthday!


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                        I know I'm the new (lurking) kid on the block, but...

                        :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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                          Happy Birthday!!
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                            Best. Birthday. Ever.

                            So, who wants to hear about the best birthday I've ever had? "Not me," you say? Well, too bad. Disney is involved so the telling is somewhat justified. It's sort of a "trip report" but of a different kind. My girlfriend has really gone overboard this time, so much so that it bears telling.

                            My birthday began the night before, when my girlfriend showed up with this cake:
                            Cake with flash
                            Cake without flash
                            Cake upper view
                            Cake with candles

                            No other baked good has ever evoked happiness in me as this one did. Not only was it breath-taking for me to behold, but it tastes even better than it looks. The cake is white, with a ribbon of coffee flavor. The frosting is so light, like foam, and tastes more like butter than sugar, such that it isn't overpowering. It still makes me happy just to look at it. They really did a nice job in making it and my lady could have done no better in picking the perfect cake for a fan like me (and probably like you all, too!).

                            Then, she revealed the surprise plans she'd been keeping secret for months. She simply handed me a stack of papers for me to sift through. The first was an itinerary. We were to fly out of LAX to Vegas the next morning! The next papers alluded to what we would be doing there. We would stay at the MGM Grand in a "Hollywood Suite," and we would see Ka, the newest Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas that night, followed by the artistic "La Femme." Now, I love Cirque du Soleil. I've seen every show that I've been able to (6) and have collected every soundtrack they've released to date because I'm a huge fan of the music, as well as posters here and there. Ka was definitely their best show yet for me, and I won't ruin it here. I had the best time! We also had lunch reservations (at Diego) and dinner reservations (at Fiamma). Most excellent.

                            However, apparently all this did not consist of my actual "birthday present." This she presented to me at dinner. Again, it was paper. This time in an envelope. I opened it up to discover maps...of Walt Disney World! And then...a description of a vacation package. We're going to Disney World! I've never been there before and neither has she -- Disneyland aplenty (AP since early nineties, the most recent renewal also having come from my woman) but never WDW. That will change in June as we spend a week at the Coronado Springs Hotel with ultimate park hopper tickets, dining package, and oh! -- tickets to Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba. The color scheme of the cake suddenly made so much more sense!

                            We had a great time in Las Vegas and came back the following day. We drove down to Orange County and met up with my parents for dinner. Then, we saw the production of The Lion King at the OC performing arts center. So many shows!! This was a fantastic one as well.

                            I was very tired after this past weekend. But it was the best weekend I've ever had, and probably the best I will ever have ... until June. Am I lucky or what? So happy!

                            Thanks for letting my happiness effuse onto this page. I'm off to find advice for WDW first-timers!
                            My finger points.


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