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Silly Esposita

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  • Silly Esposita

    My wife almost never has an "airhead" moment, but last night she had two. My wife went shopping while I was at home not feeling too good. I was lying on the couch listening to some old Big Band Swing music when my wife came home. She was bopping her head to the music and it kinda struck me. I told her we ought to see if we can find a place to Swing Dance. So she got on the internet and searched for "Swinger Clubs". Oops! :blush:

    A couple of hours later we were watching the 9-part (or inning, if you will) documentary on Baseball. We got to the 50's and they started talking about Willie Mays. They showed a picture of him and my wife said, "Oh!, I didn't know Willie Mays was black." :lol:

    What are some "airhead moments" that your significant other have commited?

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    Re: Silly Esposita

    We call 'em blond moments in our family. Bear doesn't have many but mine are too numerous to mention due to the fact I'm a strawberry blond!
    A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
    In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil. :evil:


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      Re: Silly Esposita

      LOL I have a "Blond Moment" too quite often.. but ive been pretty good the last few weeks