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  • Mice Chat vs. ******

    Ok, Please don't hate me or neg rep me for this thread. I just want to know everyone opinion.

    I know we all love Mice Chat. But do you visit other boards, and if so what do you think of them?

    I am a member of quiet a few different Disney boards but every day the very firts link I click whne my comp boots up is Mice Chat, (even before I check my mail)

    One board I visit started off ok and some what friendly, but have turned into a bunch of stuck up snobs. Please don't think that I am juts posting to bash another board. Again this is an opinion thread. But I have talke dto many new members of their site and they have told me they don't like it and don't plan on going back very offten, I simply direct them here and let hem know what a wonderful place this is and how friendly everyone is.

    For example, this one girl (not mention names) was talking asking about how the rep system works. Well, the "lifers" (people that have been ther since day one) decided to not only explain the rep system, but bomb bard her with neg rep to "show her how it works". Now I see that as WAY un called for.

    I PM'ed her and invited her to join us and told her that something like that would never happen here.

    So are there any other board you may visit that you think just don't hold up to the greatness of Mice Chat?
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    I'd suggest going with something more like, "I frequent another, unnamed board where such and such happened," if you're going to dish that specifically. Otherwise this will become another board war, as many of us have survived battles elsewhere and have "opinions" about those places. If everyone shared those "opinions" this place would be seriously less enjoyable.

    To answer your question, I visit a couple of other places, but I'm going to back away from name dropping. MiceChat is a sweet place, I'll leave it at that.


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      As long as the opinion of other sites remains anonymous, then I have no problem with this thread. But if you post in here, please refrain from naming any specific other-forums names, including euphemisms, otherwise the thread will be closed.

      However, would extremely inside references be okay? Such as A Like of Pancakes?
      -Monorail Man


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        This takes it for being te most friendly, loose, fair minded board on the net. This being one of the newest startup boards, it stands above the others.

        One board I feel sorry for was Launching Pad. Moonliner did a nice job starting it up but unfortunately, all hs users migrated here. It died a painful death. One board that was fabulous for a while kind of turned on it's users and again is dying a slow painful death.

        A coupke of mice boards are way overmoderated and one in particular has this cat woman that is the worst. I called her a friend at one time. One board that thinks they are really hip truly isn't. Their rep system sucks and there is no fairness their.

        I have to be honest and tell you that I have been thrown pff a few boards for getting into it with the mods and admins.
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          Originally posted by KoH
          A coupke of mice boards are way overmoderated and one in particular has this cat woman that is the worst.
          If you are refering to the board and moderator that I think you are, than I completely agree with you 100%. The moderators there and especially that one "cat woman" are way too zealous with their deleting and editing of posts. The whole environment there just feels very uptight. Plus, most of the moderators there are complete hypocrites. They do the exact same things they would delete if any other user did them.


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            Originally posted by Monorail Man
            However, would extremely inside references be okay? Such as A Like of Pancakes?
            Now, where have I heard that before?

            I have lost most of my interest in Disney boards. I have another board I spend a LoT of time at and I read MC and do my moderating duties. But, after four years of the same thread topics, I find it hard to keep up and remain interested. I also have had enough of the "politics" and prefer to stay far away from the fray.


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              There was one other board I visited but never signed up for. However, they've since dissallowed guest viewing so now I'm with MiceChat 100%.


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                I've been an admin/owner of several boards, as well participating in many others. Eventually all boards reach their stride and figure out their own etiquettes. You'll always have some of the typical personality archetypes that do their thing.
                You'll find the Dreamers, the Demanding, the Inventive, the ME-TOO's!, the Grizzled Veterans, the Fundies, the Pity-Partiers, the Drama Whores, the Rumormongers, the Self-Important, the Wannabe Mods, the Faux Newbies, the Actual Newbies, and the Hypocrites. (and the mixtures of any of the above)

                It's always interesting to watch the interplay of the personality types, particularly with the latest generation or so growing up being taught to think of their Personal Opinions as Facts (way to go, Self-Esteem without actual accomplishment Movement...). Those are the ones that yowl the loudest when you disagree with them, because in their eyes, disagreement == personal attack. Kind of sad, really, that as a society we've devolved to that point.

                This board is doing fine, a good mix, plenty of idealists tempered with realists, although a few DW/H personalities are apparent. It's when a board becomes divided sharply into M-T's/DW/F/H types that it really dies. (which is currently happening to another board)
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                  I've visited alot of other Disney boards, but I only post to two of them. I like both and the only difference I see is in the personality types of both the posters and moderators. The other site seems more family oriented and this site seems more individual person oriented.

                  MiceChat is actually the first board I've ever posted to and I think the reason I am more comfortable here is because when I signed up, the site was still pretty new and I felt like everyone was new too and the little "groups" hadn't really been established. It can be intimidating to join a board where it feels like everybody knows each other except you!

                  Besides, you don't have to join to have an avatar


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                    Originally posted by Flint
                    You'll find the Dreamers, the Demanding, the Inventive, the ME-TOO's!, the Grizzled Veterans, the Fundies, the Pity-Partiers, the Drama Whores, the Rumormongers, the Self-Important, the Wannabe Mods, the Faux Newbies, the Actual Newbies, and the Hypocrites. (and the mixtures of any of the above)
                    I agree. I think you've pretty much got it covered there.


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                      Of the Disneyland-centric boards I visit, I am enjoying this one the most as it seems the most mature and accepting of opinions and ideas.

                      There is one which seems overly immature and over-moderated.

                      There is one which seems dominated by a dozen or so self-appointed experts who seem to jump into every thread and, as I like to put it, rub their stink all over it everytime. Posts made by "outsiders" are routinely ignored.

                      There is one which has so many rules and over-sensitive members that I don't even bother going there.

                      And lastly, there is a WDW-centric board which is very active and has a little bit of everything, including viewpoints drastically different than those on the DL boards. It too can be dominated at times by a few self-righteous folks, but usually that gets straightened out pretty quickly.


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                        Originally posted by Club 33
                        I agree. I think you've pretty much got it covered there.
                        Sad, but true. Then you just have to realize where you fit in the whole mess or where you don't! I must say I have tried a bit of a couple of boards and so far MiceChat is still my baby and my first love. I love this community. :love: YOU ALL ROCK!


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                          This is the first and only board I have visited- Disney or otherwise- and I just feel like I started with the best and don't need to go anywhere else!
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                            Its funny that this thread comes up today..just out of curiosity I checked another board to compare it to ours..I dodnt think it was half as good. It also had articles to read like Mice Age but the articles were very self centered (I did this and I did that) and not nearly as infomative.
                            Im sticking with this board !!

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                              I don't feel the need to ever post anywhere else. I check out other sites every once in a while if I fell the need for pics or if there hasn'r been an article from miceage for a while, but I really like the community here and don't feel the need to go anywhere else- this seems to be an unbiased board where people can share their ideas. It seems less of a haven for wild rumours also- all the posters seem to want to know the truth instead of making it up and spreading it around. Also, genuine knowledge seems to be appreciated and respected. I know micechat is new, but I hope, with the help of the mods, that it keeps up with what has been started. Thanks all!
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                                I guess I like this board best because no one judges me. It does not matter that I drink too much, think MJ is innocent, paint my bedroom with black asphalt, or am out on parole again. Micechat seems to accpet all of this as long as I fein like Disney is of some interest and I'm willing to disinfect myself and meet anyone at the hub on sundays.
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                                  MiceChat alone has everything anyone could ever need in a Disney oriented chat-room. Why go anywhere else? Thats all your really need to know. Oh, and in the case that a board battle should break out, may I be the sniper? Muchas gracias my aiming-impared friends!
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                                    One of the maint hng si like about MC is they are not so money hungry. The board not mentioned is every other post is "pay so you can do this on our board."

                                    I know how hard it is to run a board and it take smoney, but it seems that MC can offer alot of perks for no cost.


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                                      This is the only Disney related board I've ever visited. There are a couple of other Mac related forums I belong to, but those lately feel like they have been taken over by over zealous "I know so much more than you do" types. Even though there are a lot of people here who already know each other, or have known each other for a long time I never felt out of place or an outsider around here. Its a homey, comfortable kinda place.

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                                        I mainly read and post here, I simply dont have time for more than one board and this one is a wonderfull combination of facts and fun.

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