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Congrats To Mice Chat 500 Members!!!!!


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  • Congrats To Mice Chat 500 Members!!!!!

    I want to throw out a congrats to MiceChat on the 500 member mark!

    I also want to throw out a big welcome 2 the 500th member

    Fantasmic Freak!!!!!!!!
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    Can you believe it? 500 members in less than a week. Wow.
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      Yay..thats hot!!
      'When hinges creek in doorless chambers..and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls..whenever candlelights flicker..where the air is deathly still..That is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight.'

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        How many of them are active??


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          Originally posted by HMMaid2001
          Yay..thats hot!!
          Is this Paris Hilton?
          She walks in beauty, like the night
          Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
          And all that's best of dark and bright
          Meet in her aspect and her eyes.....

          --Lord Byron


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            500?! Wow!!!


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              Gees, Nice fan club!! "Way to go Idaho" ...Mr Potato Head
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                Wow, that didn't take long. Good to see that this community will never be at a loss for members, at least.


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                  It's not surprising. MiceAge has been a very popular Disney source - it's only fitting that a quality message board be created from its success. Congrats to MiceChat and a big thank you for all the work put into this board. Especially, thank you for the monkey: :monkey:


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                    Just a couple of days ago when I joined there were only a little over 300!! This is great! Hey, I got my daughter to join... I like to feel I helped (at least by one) get us to that 500 mark!! LOL!!!

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                      I got a couple of non-tradtional posters to register as well, my husband (rabidmonkeyposse) and my mom (Gambear). All the new faces warms my heart.

                      We sure got off to a quick start. Thanks to everyone for keeping everything running smoothly. Thank you to the members for keeping up such diverse conversations.
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