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Boredom: How to deal?


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  • Boredom: How to deal?

    Recently, I've found my work load to be slightly less than normal. This is all well and good except for one problem. i zip through all of my regular websites quickly and wind up bored out of my mind with several hours left to entertain myself. I do keep working of course, just at a much more leisurely pace so that it stretches out over the whole day. So, my question to you...

    How do you cope with boredom? Are there websites that you find you just can't egt enough of?

    My boredom lead me to beleive this might be a decent topic for discussion.

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    I get that way- (right now in fact)
    With me today for random entertainment between actual work:

    MiceChat of course
    I also visit a couple other forums.

    I have two books with me: Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix and Currant Events by Piers Anthony (been reading Xanth books forever)

    My binder with ppwk and bills to take care of and organize.

    My Gameboy Advance SP

    A bag with the afghan I am crocheting a scarf I am making for Rose and a beaded headdress she got at Epcot that needs repair. I do that during work sometimes. Keeps my hands busy.

    and email-


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