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Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford


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  • Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

    Today, on a glorious English summers day, me and splashmountainfreak took a tour of Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare and tourist mecca. I had heard reports on the news of it being the hottest day of the year today, and there were good chances of a heatwave, but yesterday was warmer, although still hot today - I was glad it wasn't worse, because I get miserable in bad heat. It was just right.

    After a horrendous traffic jam, my lovely mother dropped me off at the Holiday Inn Stratford, and a bewildered splash met me in the lobby. After getting some money and a room key from his mom, we set off on our journey.

    First, we had a wander around Stratford then went for a nice refreshing overpriced tourist-trapper Coke in an 'authentic' English cafe. Those poor tourists. After that, we went to the Shakespeare birthplace, and where he later lived his adult life as well, which is a nice Tudor thatched roof wooden beams house. It even smelt like it was from the 1500s.

    That does not begin to show how bad the traffic was into Stratford.

    splash outside of William Shakespeare's house.

    splash in the Shakespeare House gardens.

    Then, after wondering around the park and sitting by the lovely River Avon, amusing ourselves at eccentric Englishmen and idiotic tourists of many nationalities, we went for something to eat at a restaurant by a river called Cox's Yard. Very nice.

    Being the messy teenagers we were...

    You have never met a slower eater than splashmountainfreak. He clearly needs a huge greasy cake getting down him.

    I promised myself and splash that we would go on a river boat down the Avon, after admiring the tourists who we had seen accomplish the task so gracefully. Never. Again.

    splash seems to have the hang of it.

    Speedway admires splash's handiwork...

    ...before being forced to do it himself. To mixed results.

    "Please... get it over with..."

    Then we saw a man go past, utter an obscenity, and fall backwards into the boat. We nearly fell out of our boat laughing... and then I do exactly what he did. I knew I would.

    "A hand, anyone?"

    The very embarassed man passes us again.

    "Oh my lord... it is actually hot! In England!"
    The proud Canadian splash is in awe of the bizarre weather we have over here.
    After barely managing to take the boat back, we go and get an ice lolly and have our picture taken by some nice Americans with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the River Avon in the background.

    He had to do it...

    So that was it. Another MiceChat meet come and gone. Hope you enjoyed it, we did! Thanks again to MiceChat for making great friendships.

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    Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

    Thanks for sharing! that was awesome the first ever teen scene meet!


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      Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

      That was coolio...Thanks for the Teen Scene meet report!!...
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        Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

        Ah memories of 6 hours ago... amazing. It was a great day, and I get to do the same stuff tomorrow! Yay!


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          Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

          hey my


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            Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

            Looks like the place hasn't changed much since I was there when I was 15. It looks like you two are having a GREAT time!

            More photos!!!!

            And my question for the day:

            Do Smarties melt in your hand?


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              Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

              Great report guys. Good to see you both smiling and having a good time. Thanks for sharing with us.


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                Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

                those are some great pics!! Thanks for sharing!!

                Originally Posted by Disney Wrassler
                Tassie, I found a quote for ya :lol:!

                "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."

                Charles M. Schulz
                Originally Posted by MWalton
                :lol: Did the pages take that long to reach around to your part of the world?!? :lol:


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                  Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

                  That was awesome! Being an English educator, I truly appreciate today's youth going to Britain and seeing the home of the Bard!

                  You guys rock!

                  You said it was hot. Isn't there a spot of a cliche, like, "hot enough for maddogs and Englishmen"?

                  I wanna go!

                  Thanks for sharing and peace,
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                    Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

                    thanks for the memories, In was in Stratford about 14 years ago, so its cool to see it again.


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                      Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

                      it was about 97 degrees there today!!!


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                        Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

                        :clap: Totally, completely, freakingly AWESOME!!!!!! Great pictures you two!!! How totally (didn't I say that already) incredible that Splash from Canada and Speedway from England could meet each other!! And all because of MiceChat!! This isen't just a Disney site, its a site for developing friendships of people no matter what their age, or where they live!!! Truely awesome!!!

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                        Originally posted by AGhostFromThePast
                        all you need to know about the mommy stick is.. out of all the bad things that could happen to you... it's right between wetting yourself and death.


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                          Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

                          Very cool, glad you guys had a good time!

                          (Morrigoon= wondering how she's been to England 3 times for a sum total of nearly 6 months and never been to Stratford-upon-Avon....)

                          Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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                            Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

                            That was a most excellent trip rreport!
                            I'm still laughing over the guy falling down in his boat!!
                            Good morning, son
                            In twenty years from now
                            Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
                            And I can tell you 'bout today
                            And how I picked you up and everything changed
                            It was pain
                            Sunny days and rain
                            I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                              Re: Speedway and splashmountainfreak do Stratford

                              So...what happened? Did your boat sink? Did you get hauled off to the Tower? Attacked by a Beefeater? Watching too much tennis at Wimbledon?
                              Details! We want details!


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