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Remember: OK City bombing 10 years ago


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  • Remember: OK City bombing 10 years ago


    Another moment forever seared into our collective memory. I still hurt when I think of those people, especially the children. I can remember looking at the pictures of those poor little angels- and reading the stories, and just wanting to hug my kids and never let them go.

    So, a moment to remember the lost-

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    That was the day that I realized that not all people out there are good, but then I realized that good people outnumber bad people, and are always there to help out if they are needed. Quite an interesting revalation for a nine year old, huh? Its always stuck with me, though.
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      I will never forget that day. My daughter was 8 months old and she was taking her first steps between me and my mother while we watched TV, horrified at the senseless killing of innocent children.
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        I'll never forget it either. Kyler was just a baby and I remember holding him so tight and crying for all those babies/kids

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          I remember. It was on my birthday when I was in third grade. I remember we were doing current event newspaper reports that year and one of my classmates did it on the bombing. We then talked about it and such. I just remember the pages and pages of newspaper photos he had... it was crazy for us to see that as a kid. So much for one event. I guess that is how we measured importantance in the adult world back then?


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            <Bows head>
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              I can't believe it was ten years ago. It seems like it was just yesterday (in my mind). It was a horrible horrible event...all those children... <bows head>


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                I was a Junior in HS I remember watching it on tv in bed. So I'm guessing it was either during Spring Break or I had cut school one of the two. It was a sad day


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                  I was actually on vacation with my family at DL when the bombing happened.
                  I remember lots of helicopters and planes flying over DL the next day, people were talking about how strange it was because DL is closed air space. I'm not 100% sure but I think DL had extra security the whole week before the bombings, because of a bombing on a japanese subway.
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                    I was 8... and i think i was at school....

                    It doesn't have that huge impact 9/11 does on me... i remember the exact time & place i was for that...


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