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And Now It's Time To Say Good By :(

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  • And Now It's Time To Say Good By :(

    Yes, it is now here. :yea: I have been working on the National Barbie Convention for 2 years. All that hard work from so many will be enjoyed this week. I will be starting Monday setting up and the fun stuff doesn't start until Wednesday. I won't be around until next week so please don't miss me too much :lol: I will be on the look out for WNTW since there will be people from all over the world. Over 1000 people who are in love with a plastic doll who would of thought.
    Lights, Camera Barbie with a HOLLYWOOD theme, it's the first convention for LA. I can't wait to see all the doll designers :bow: and learn Mattels secrets. I haven't even packed yet, it isn't like I will be too far from home. Staying at the CENTURY CITY PLAZA HOTEL but don't want to be driving back and forth. I am leaving early :gladsad: on Sunday so I can be at the GOODBYE KATIE MEET so I will see you them.

    Just an update on grandma

    For those who didn't know she went in to the hospital 7/13 :bang: because of loss of weight (106 to 93lbs. in 4 weeks) having problems eating and weakness. She was moved to a Transitional Care Center where they will do all types of therapy to return her to a healthier state. She could be there for as little as a month to 8 months since getting weight :beg: on her is priority one. The depending on her level of ability we will decide what to do next. She enjoys all the attention :imtheone: that she gets and being called "Bright of sunshine" by all the staff. So please keep her in your prayers and if you wish you could send her a card of good wishes. She tells them all about her wonderful Young Disneyland Friends :ghug: . PM me or Pixie Chick (while I am gone) for our address. She would love that!!:clap:
    aka Sara

    :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

    One of my children
    isn't pictured,

    ABE is still hibernating :sleep:

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    Re: And Now It's Time To Say Good By

    Bye honey! HAVE FUN

    Oh and I took this picture for you at the OC Fair.

    You be a good girl!
    "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
    Homer Jay Simpson


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      Re: And Now It's Time To Say Good By

      Have a great time!


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        Re: And Now It's Time To Say Good By

        Have lots of fun and don't forget about us!!!!!!!!!
        Press today is so concerned with cool vs. not cool that they're starting to forget good vs. bad. I'm not sure I'll ever be "cool", but I will always tirelessly strive to be "great". - Josh Groban


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          Re: And Now It's Time To Say Good By

          we will miss you,Take care hon and I will be praying fro grandma to!! I will pray she puts weight on like crazy and will be feeling like her old self again


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            Re: And Now It's Time To Say Good By

            It's not the Klaus Barbie convention right???


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              Re: And Now It's Time To Say Good By

              Have a wonderful time. i'll be praying for grandma.
              Good morning, son
              In twenty years from now
              Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
              And I can tell you 'bout today
              And how I picked you up and everything changed
              It was pain
              Sunny days and rain
              I knew you'd feel the same things...