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Social Networking Sites may be blocked from Public Libraries and Schools


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  • Social Networking Sites may be blocked from Public Libraries and Schools

    Check it out:

    While sites like MySpace and other are listed, MiceChat may fall under that umbrella too.

    However, after working in a library and a school for 3 years, I can say one thing:

    This is actually a GOOD thing.

    While I used to ride on the fence of 'internet filtering in public libraries is bad', I've actually changed camps, and for three reasons:

    1. People that want to get work done, can't get work done. Most libraries have a sign on policy that generally allows an hour a day to any patron. That's fine and great for someone who wants to check their e-mail. However, there are kids that come into the library everyday, just to surf sites like MySpace, and talk on IM. Add to the fact that they commonly get into groups, and you have 3+ computers used up everyday, just for people surfing these sites. Add to the fact that we then have to police these kids off the computers, and it add to the madhouse.

    2. Predators can use the Library or School as a meeting spot. I almost saw it happen a couple of years ago. A young kid met another older kid in Apple Valley, where they chatted online. Younger kid (15ish) says that he generally hangs out at the library on saturdays. Add to the fact the mother dropped him off every saturday, and that's a real issue for us.

    3. Library/School Computers are not personal computers. However, as websites like MySpace became popular, more and more kids were bringing in photos that they wanted added to their page. Combine that with the hours online, and you've got a mess.

    So, after working in a library/school, I see how good this would be. Bring it on.
    -Monorail Man

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    Re: Social Networking Sites may be blocked from Public Libraries and Schools

    Many schools, including the one I work at, have already blocked such sites. For us, Myspace is completely banned even on adult computers. I wholeheartedly agree with the kids being denied access and with certain sites being blocked on public use computers such as libraries. I just wish our restrictions weren't quite so strict sometimes on the adult machines, but I've simply adjusted my surfing habits and gone on my merry way.


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