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Whats wrong with everyone....


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  • Whats wrong with everyone....

    Whats going on with everyone in here lately?

    Everyone having a bad month so they have to shoot everyone with neg rep?

    Gees. I think I'll have to step out for a while and let the place cool off.

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    I'm sorry if you've been "shot" with bad rep I really am. And yeah...maybe it's just a collective micechat 'time of the month' or something. As much as I like the logical debate about serious issues, it'd be cool to get back to the fun debates like: Is Pete a cat or a dog? and silly things like that!!! Well, I just really hope things calm down a bit...maybe I will take a short brake...we shall see....


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      I suspect it is just a growth cycle in the community. We'll come through it.


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        Originally posted by quasimodo1384
        Is Pete a cat or a dog?

        Never thought about that. lol


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          Yeah. Must be something in the water or something. Oh well, MiceChat is still reletively new, so we'll just have to sit back and see what happends. I think we can all agree however that the mods are doing a great job. Alas, even MiceChat has it's ups and downs. Oh well.


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            Eh, it happens from time to time with every group. I am a part of a Christian messageboard and it even gets bad there. people will calm down.
            Katie :yea:
            Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
            :sc: FIGHT ON!!!!!!


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              Originally posted by quasimodo1384
              Is Pete a cat or a dog?
              Pete is a dog. I know you have been debating this with Indy, but I have a friend who was an animator and I asked him just to clairfy-- he's a dog.

              But I agree! I wish everyone would stop, relax, and just have some nice, clean fun!


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                Ive been reading some of the threads where the debates got a bit overheated. I think whats happening is people are forgetting that this is a friendly place and that not everyone has the same opinion. If we all agreed on everything, it would make for a boring place.

                Since people can not force others to agree with them, it must relieve some of the anger to give a bad rep. It is quite sad that people can hold grudges like that.

                I for one still believe that this forum is a happy place and when I see the bad, I just stop reading that thread and move on. Hopefully people will start to mellow and I really hope good people, (like you Monorail_rider), stick around to show the mean grumpy people how fun we can all be.

                Big Hugs to all!

                (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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                  I'm mystified how anyone can be grumpy on a message board dedicated to the happiest place on Earth.

                  Come on everybody, sing it with me - "Kum-by-ya, my Lord... Kum-by-ya..."
                  (singing and gathering folks into a massive group hug)
                  ><> just call me n8 <><


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                    I'm singing!
                    I like your avatar MR!
                    I wish people wouldn't hold grudges too
                    I love Mice Chat.
                    I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
                    That explains the trouble that I'm always in...


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                      ok, so at least I'm not the only one who feels like the climate has changed around here this week.....I think we all are just a bit....hmmm...anxiouse perhaps (for the 50th to start) and we have exhausted every possable thread topic in anticipation....
                      I think a lot of the tension is coming (as far as I can tell) from re-hashing the same debates over and over. I think what we need are some light hearted fun topics to perk everyone back up.....
                      so i'm going to go try to post some ridiculusly innane topics to try to lighten things up....
                      monorail_rider, come join me in....


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                        I havn't shot anyone with bad rep this month... and overall only once...

                        I just bored.. tired.. Senior Itish is kicking in... May is how much longer.. then 2 weeks of school... 1 week off then graduate... Then begine college crap...

                        (and i just finnished one of 2 online classes... the second will be finnished next week.)


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                          i think all of us just need to do some breathing exercises and remember that it doesnt make any sense to take frustrations out on your computer buddys

                          this will be our carma... whenever we get mad we will say the above


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                            I don't think this is singular problem to MiceChat. I have noticed a hightened tension across the board everywhere I go. I have posted this and I hope this helps people as the sort our there feelings

                            It seems so many of us are so quick to judge.
                            Right or wrong. Left or right. Liberal or conservative. Democrat or Republican. Christian or Islamic. Moral or Immoral. Black or White. I pose to you this notion; our brains are made of grey matter so why do we think in extremes like black and white. Our country is more polarized than it ever has been and this thread is just more evidence of it to me. The world is not a coin- two sided and clear. The world is not flat, its round and has many views- most beautiful and some not.

                            I hope that we can come together as friends, as a nation as a world and find the commonality that makes us great. Here in this place I would suggest it about the magic that is Disney.


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                              Schucks, that was beautiful. I'm glad you started this thread monorail rider! This is more like it !
                              I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
                              That explains the trouble that I'm always in...


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                                What's the point in having a negative rep feature if nobody is going to use it? If we're going to be a basically self moderated board, we have to catch the things we're offended by and make it known that we are offended by it.

                                Originally posted by figment1986
                                Senior Itish
                                DO you mean Senioritis? The completely scientific name for the syndrome with characteristics such as becoming lazy in the spring semester of their Senior year in high school, when they have been accpted to a college and they realize that doing the bare minimum will still get them into their college?


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                                  It's always disappointing when threads take a turn toward the childish and the bickering begins. It's great when different points of view can be shared and people on all sides learn something from them, without starting the "he said" "she said" stuff. All too often people take things personally where no personal attack was even intended or hinted at, such as being offended if someone says "I hate 'it's a small world'", and then the attack ball starts rolling.

                                  I have to distance myself from threads when I see that start to happen - or worse - leave a board entirely for a while because every thread seems to be dominated by that. Things do eventually cool out after a while and then it's safe to return.

                                  I just like to share facts and ideas with other Disney fans out there since I don't know any nearby me. If I want an argument, I can go out on any street corner and find that.


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                                    I'm new here, but I too have noticed alot of negativity and childish bickering. What fun is that? I get enough of that in real life. Lol.
                                    My newbie pledge: To always take the high road.
                                    Please visit my Big Thunder/Disney Inspired Model Railroad

                                    Dream big. Do what you love.


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                                      Welcome to the Disney internet community. This is just a natural evolution in the circle of cyber-life that is the Disney Online Fanbase. Every single online community has gone through it, some fabulously worse than others. I'm confident that MiceChat will weather the storm relatively well considering that the mods and admins here are some of the most level headed and fair I've seen. Other sites with less capable and more megalomaniacal mods have found themselves watching the parade pass by, but fortunately for us we have some pretty decent people behind the control panels here, so that shouldn't be a worry we have to face.

                                      Just give things time to simmer down, they always do.


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                                        Originally posted by Tech_Disney
                                        What's the point in having a negative rep feature if nobody is going to use it?

                                        I agree, but to give neg rep just because your having a bad day. That's not right. If someoen were to make a cooment like " I think your wrong and your just dumb" then that would deserv neg rep. but to neg rep someoen juts for saying "IMO..." thats wrong.


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