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Top 10 favorite things about Disneyland...


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  • Top 10 favorite things about Disneyland...

    We need something fun and silly around here so lets see the smiles
    (If this is a repeat thread i'm sorry but it's worth re-doing)
    please keep it light and fun, no bashing allowed!
    what are your top 10 favorite things about Disneyland?

    mine, in no particulare order are:

    1) Mainstreet USA, always makes me smile to walk down Mainstreet all my cares drop away.

    2) Monte Cristos at the Blue Bayou, I must have one every trip

    3) Dole Whip, I also must have one now that I have discovered the wonder that is Dole Whip....(next time I try a Dolewhip Float)

    4) waving to Walts window above the firehouse...reminds me why DL is here, Thanks Walt

    5) Peter Pans Flight (the best ride in my sweet and magical)

    6) Sleeping Beauty's castle, may not be the biggest in the Disney world of castles but it's my personal favorite.

    7) POTC I love it!

    8) watching Tinkerbell fly during the fireworks

    9) sitting in NOS sipping a Mint Julip, eating fritters and listening to the bands.

    10) Jungle Cruise, everything about it

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    1) The ducks on the Peter Pan Island in Storybook Land.

    2) Singing pirates.

    3) The fact that you can go from the past to the the future with one step.

    4) You see Mickey Mouse everywhere.

    5) There's music anywhere you go.

    6) The familiarity of the park.

    7) The backside of water.

    8)The birds sing words...

    9) 999 Happy Haunts

    10) Traveling through outerspace

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      1) The smell of Churro's waffle cones and other food items throughout the park

      2) Smiles on kids faces when they see Mickey Mouse

      3) Space Mountain!!! I can hardly wait till it's open again

      4) Free Tortillas at the Mission factory

      5) Riding TOT with a group of people who have never ridden it before

      6) Fries at Village Haus. (I called my Brother in law to let him know I was eating them cause those are our favorites in the park!!!)

      7) waiting at the back of the "line" in the room where you meet Mickey so that all the little kids get their pics first and then you have time to get yours with him too.....ok ok, I like to hog Mickey's attention!!!! So What??

      8) HM, I love it and I love the spiel and I love being in an elevator where almost everyone knows it as well (I know, I know, some people get annoyed by it), and no one screams during it.

      9) The Tiki Room

      10) Indy
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        1.) the place I met my honey

        2.) Haunted Mansion

        3.) Fantasmic

        4.) Indy

        5.) Tiki room

        6.) POTC

        7.) the fudge

        8.) Mr Toads wild ride

        9.) the castle

        10.) JC
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          Originally posted by frodo potter
          1.) the place I met my honey
          I agree. *happy sigh*

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            1. Fantasmic is the best!
            2. Indiana Jones
            3. Maynard!
            4. The Chilli on Mainstreet... soooo good
            5. The exit sign in Indiana Jones
            6. Haunted Mansion- ballroom
            7. The nervous feeling you get before you go on Indiana Jones, or any of the rides
            8. space mountain
            9. the fudge yummm
            10. Pirates!!


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     no particular order:

              1. That first sight of Main Street... and Uncle Walt's firetruck.

              2. Rod Miller

              3. Musicians on Main Street.

              4. POTC

              5. Lunch at the Blue Bayou. (Pork Loin in RootBeer sauce! De-lish!)

              6. Space Mountain.

              7. New Orleans Square

              8. HMH

              9. Teacups spinning really, really fast!

              10. My AP
              "Yesterday, a man walked up to me and said, 'Isn't it a shame that Walt Disney couldn't be here to see this?' and I said, "He did see this, that's why it's here."
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                Top Ten Things I Like About The 'New' Tiki Room
                10. The wisecracking Norwegian Blue parrot never looked better. (Lovely plumage)
                9. Realistic shower of 'bird dropping' a crowd pleaser.
                8. During the fountain segment (lots of water) the door to the 'comfort station' on the porch is left open. No women with tea cup sized bladders clawing at the door disturbing the show..
                7. 'Felonious Bird' now gives back the wallets with the money still in them.
                6. The singing flowers no longer have bad breath that could kill an ox.
                5. Finally the chanting logs don't spew termites.
                4. Now serving fresh pineapple juice, mercifully ran out of the W.W. II 'K' ration powdered pineapple 'juice'.
                3. Dole movie "How we get Pineapples". Made political correct by editing in a racially balanced work force.
                2. All girl glee club now features "Fred' (U.S. Title Nine).
                1. Bird ethnic accents much clearer, still badly done but alot clearer.


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