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the disney animation takeover!

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  • the disney animation takeover!

    anyone evernoticed that disney channel is showing too much animated stuff now... animated sequels... animated series (shivers) i refuse to wacth any of that stuff... esspecialy that crap show about the bunny and the poodle... anyone agree with me?

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    Yea, that bunny and poodle and the proud family and animated sequels all purdy much suck. They REALLY need to get some better shows.
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      Personally as an animation fanatic I don't think there can ever be too much animation. Now if we are talking "Quality" here and not "Quantity" that is a different thing. I agree to many animation shows lack quality in the story lines, type of animation etc. But you can never have to many toons!!!

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        I think disney channel has too many animated shows. However, given the quality of their other shows I don't think it would be worth increasing the number of them either
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