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    This thread was originally meant as a thread for frequently asked techinal questions, but is being reposted in the Lounge based on this suggestion from DesertDweller

    Originally posted by desertdweller
    Great idea for a new thread, Club 33.

    This could also be turned into a series of posts -- an "index" of sorts for many of the most generally asked questions by newbies that have already been discussed for days and weeks in pages of compelling, thoughtful posts that Chatters have taken hours to compose.

    There's a ton of information about the parks in here if some would take the time to use the Search Function before starting it all over again. I know many of them don't want to take the time to even attempt a search.

    I get the feeling that quite a few just want to see their names under a new thread that is poorly written and just thrown out there. No wonder many of those new threads go nowhere.

    I came back a little later and realized that this thread is in "The Tech Lounge" which hardly anyone ever visits so doubt if this idea can go anywhere at all!

    Well, now it's in the MiceChat Lounge, so it can. But, here are the answers to those way over asked technical questions as well:

    What is "Reputation"? What do those little Green/Grey/Red Boxes mean?

    Originally posted by Evil Minion

    Okay this is how the reputation system ranks board members.

    ================================================== =
    ================================================== =

    First, there are positive reputation points & ranks:
    ================================================== =

    1 dark green square = " is on a distinguished road " , 10 - 49 rep. points

    2 dark green squares = " will become famous soon enough ", 50 - 149 rep. points

    3 dark green squares = " has a spectacular aura about " , 150 - 249 rep. points

    4 dark green squares = " is a jewel in the rough " , 250 - 349 rep. points

    5 dark green squares = " is just really nice " , 350 - 449 rep. points

    5 dark green squares, 1 light green square = " is a glorious beacon of light " , 450 - 549 rep. points

    5 dark green squares, 2 light green squares = " is a name known to all ", 550 - 649 rep. points

    5 dark green squares, 3 light green squares = " is a spendid one to behold " , 650 - 999 rep. points

    5 dark green squares, 4 light green squares = " has much to be proud of " , 1000 - 1499 rep. points

    5 dark green squares, 5 light green squares = " has a brilliant future ", 1500 - 1999 rep. points

    5 dark green squares, 6 light green squares = " has a reputation beyond repute " , 2000+ rep. points

    ================================================== =
    ================================================== =

    Then there's the neutral zone:
    ================================================== =

    1 blue-grey square = " is an unknown quantity at this points " , 0 - 9 rep points

    ================================================== =
    ================================================== =

    Then comes the red (and eventually orange) boxes for negative reputation points:
    ================================================== =

    1 red square = " lurk-e-loo " , -9 to -1

    2 red squares = " has a little shameless behavior " , -49 to -10

    3 red squares = " can only hope to improve " , -99 to -50

    4 red squares = " is infamous around these parts" , -499 to -100

    5 red squares & worse = " bad beyond belief " , -500 or lower (automatically banned by vB software)

    ================================================== =
    ================================================== =
    Originally posted by MiceChat FAQ

    Here at MiceChat, we believe in Self-Moderation. So, we've established the Reputation system to help us out. It works quite easily, in the fact that you can give points on any post.

    To give points on a post, click the [img]images/buttons/reputation.gif[/img] button below that post, on the left. From here, a box will pop-up asking if you want to give negative or positive feedback. Select the option you want, and leave a comment, especially on negative reputation posts. Leaving a comment we explain to the user why you thought the post was not up to par. Note that the reputation system is not anonymousbut the Litter Box. So try to get someone to give you some good rep, by posting a meaningful post in there.

    If you have -500 Reputation Level Points or more, you are automatically banned.

    Note that these rules are not set in stone, and any Administrator may change the banned/Litter User status.

    Have fun, and click away!

    As far as colors are concered:

    Green = Positive Rep

    Grey = Netural Rep

    Red = Negative Rep

    How do I get the Countdown Clock for my sig?

    This seems complicated, but it really isn't. You start with the Countdown tags:

    [ Countdown=&day=17&month=7&year=2005&hour=5&min=55& sec=55]It's time to party in:[/countdown]

    (The space in the opening Countdown tag is in order to show you the code)

    Just Put in your date. For, say, May 5 at midnight, it would be:







    So you see, all you need to do is change those values for your date. For the text, just type in between the countdown tags.

    So our finished result is:

    [Countdown=&day=5&month=5&year=2005&hour=0&min=00&s ec=00]The Celebration Starts In:[/countdown]

    How do I put images in my post?

    All you need to do is place the images URL in between the IMG tags

    [ img][/img]

    (Again, the space in the opening tag is in order to show you the code)

    or, in the Advanced post editor, just click the Insert Image button and type your image URL into the popup.

    IMPORTANT: Your image must be on the internet in order for you to place it in your posts. Putting a local URL (eg. from your computer) the image will not display. Many free servecies exist to allow you to upload you photos. One of the popular ones is PhotoBucket.

    So our uploaded image appears:

    So, now, this can be our Frequently Asked Questions thread. All of those questions that keep being asked agian and again can be answered here. Think of it as a more general MiceChat FAQ.l

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