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So I quit my job...


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  • So I quit my job...

    .....Most likely.

    We only have 3 managers at work and I am one of them. Well the past 3 days the 3rd manager has not shown up for work, leaving the store manager and I to do all the work. Well, today (3 days before my vacation) they tell me that I can't take my time off because it would leave the store manager to run the place all alone (with the other staff of course). I am part-time working 38 hrs a week at $5.50/hr The other day a guy offered to hire me painting houses starting at $8/hr and after a month $10/hr. I told him that I had already got plans for my vacation but as soon as I return I would be glad to call him. He said great and looked forward to hearing from me.

    Before I started this job (at the movie store) I was healthy. I now have an ulser(sp) the size of a silver dollar, and today at work after hearing the "news" I started throwing up blood. So I called My wife, My best friend, My mother, and My brother and talked to them all and after talking with them all, I decided to sit down with my boss and the district manager and tell them that eaither a) They can give me my vacation as planned and when I return I will be glad to come back and continue the hard work I have done there. Or b) I can take my vacation anyways and when I return I will start my new job making more money and less stress.

    This will all take place in about 4 hours so we'll see what happens.

    I see it this way. Any time someone calls out, they call me, Need someone to stay late, Me, need someoen to cover for your vacation, Me. It's time to put my foot down.

    It is not 3 days till I leave for WDW, they can eaither fire me today and be short handed for the next 3 days and all next week, or they can let me finish the week out and they may have a new hire by Tues.

    Now for the delimia.

    The store manager is REALLY nice. she helps me out with alot of things. I feel really crappy about leaving her hanging like this, (I hate being a nice guy), BUT I also know if it were the other way around. She would be gone, no questions asked, or if she got mad and wanted to fire me, she would just do it and not think twice.

    So part of me says "I'm sorry and I feel bad" the other part says "Bite them, they treat you like crap and this is your vacation."

    As I have said before. I have been planing this trip for 8 years and every year something happens to prevent my trip.

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    MR, Seriously think about taking the other job. More pay, less stress, why not?

    I Hope the meeting goes well .......
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      I am thinking.....for $5.50/hr you dont need that kinda stress... Look out for number 1.
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        You're a manager for $5.50/hr? F-that. They're taking advantage of you. Even Disney pays more than that, and that's saying a lot.

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          I have to agree with everyone else MR. You deserve to take this vacation that you've been planning for years.
          Just go and enjoy the magic of WDW and don't even think about work. Plus, having a job offer when you get back that pays more will help you enjoy your vacation even more.
          Life is way too short to spend stressing about work... the sad thing is, most of us only realize this when we're 98 years old and dying.
          I only hope we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse!

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            Just take the vacation and come back pretending there was some mis-communication
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              I envy you...having just graduated last year I am stuck in a dead end job already and am miserable if I have a path of less resistance I would leave in a heart beat---follow your heart pal!


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                Originally posted by Morrigoon
                You're a manager for $5.50/hr? F-that. They're taking advantage of you. Even Disney pays more than that, and that's saying a lot.
                I agree! Leads at the Disney Stores (before CP) made about $9-11 and up to about $15, depending. There has to be other retail out there. Take a step back and look at your options. And RELAX! No more stress! We love you here, ya know??


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                  Nothing here to see. Just a little overzealous with a double post!
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                    You're going to Disney World, and that's that! Set up an appointment with the new boss for when you come home, and take off! I'm with everyone else on this one- screw 'em! Then you'll come back to a higher paying, lower stress job where you get to work outside. Sounds good to me.

                    Have a great trip! Treat yourself to something nice to celebrate!
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                      A. The service industry will kill you.
                      B. Becoming a manager gives your okay to rape you.
                      C. 5.50 an hour? :lol:
                      Go make some money and then make sure you follow your dreams.
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                        $5.50?? Is that legal? Dude, you need to leave that place. Painting would be fun! Excersice, no annoying customers, lovely paint fumes (those are my fave), and you get to wear spiffy white coveralls! How fun!
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                          Do it!

                          ...and have a great trip!
                          I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.
                          That explains the trouble that I'm always in...


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                            I have to agree with everyone else...basicly it sounds like your getting really taken advantage of at your current job, your not getting paid nearly enough for all you do, and you have another job offer that will pay better and knows you can't start until after your vacation.
                            If it was me, I'd quit the current job in a heartbeat, take that wonderful well deserved vacation, and come back home to a better paying lower stress job. (and probably fewer health problems as well...less stress, bye bye ulser)

                            Go for it take a chance.

                            I want to add one more bit, I know it's scary to walk away from a "secure" but crappy paying job to gamble on something else...I did it a few years ago, I left a very stable job that I loved but the pay sucked, I only came home with $600 a MONTH!
                            I quit opened my own business, (lived off of sandwiches for a long time)now I make conciderably more every month.....It was terrifying at first, I questioned and second guest myself constantly but it was well worth it, less stress, more money (longer hours but still a good trade off)

                            Try the new job, it just might be the best thing for you and open up a world of possabilities.


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                              Originally posted by Cuzco-topia
                              $5.50?? Is that legal?
                              Legal Min wage is still $5.15/hr which is what I was hried in at and I got the raise and promotion after 2 months, with promisses of another promotion to Asst manager in another month or 2 and it's been 4 months later and things just getting worse.

                              The District manager was not there this mornig so I will be making my anouncement to the store manager when I go into work tonight at 6:00. I will let you all know how it goes then.

                              Thanks for all the advice True family here


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