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How can we thank Matt, Jay & TDA?


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  • How can we thank Matt, Jay & TDA?

    I was thinking, Matt, Jay and the new TDA have really been working very hard at restoring DL to a level that would have made Walt and Roy proud. Granted it's not quite there yet, but they've only been there a short while and they have quite a mess to clean up.

    Maybe we ought to all get together and do something to show them how much we appreciate their hard work and for "getting Disneyland". Let's show them that we're behind them and "pat them on the back" for all their hard work.

    What do you guys and gals think? Ideas, suggestions on what we can do?
    Helping to restore the Magic.

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    The biggest thing we can do is go to the parks and spend money! Also, take a trip down to city hall to officially register our compliments, what we like, what we would like to see more of will I'm sure be thanks enough.
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