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What are you named after?


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  • What are you named after?

    Inspired by TinkPink's "Name my Baby" thread. What was the inspiration behind your name, in other words, "What the heck were your parent's thinking?!?!?!?!"

    I'll start- my first name is Kristen and I was named after the character who shot JR on Dallas.

    I also want to hear about your children and or pets, what is the inspiration there?

    My dogs are named Lincoln and Saywer. Lincoln was named for the city the Nebraska Cornhuskers play in and Sawyer was named after that hottie on Lost.

    Ok, your turn!
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    Re: What are you named after?

    my dad named me, but my moms husband was so mad about it ! true story


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      Re: What are you named after?

      My middle name is Lee after my Aunt

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        Re: What are you named after?

        named after my great grandma Genevieve - they called her Jenny
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          Re: What are you named after?

          they just liked orrin


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            Re: What are you named after?

            My parents named me after that thing you wipe your feet on before walking into the house.

            First dog - Pokey. Named after Gumbys "special friend".

            Second dog - Taffy. She was white, I liked white taffy at the time.

            Third dog - Jessie. Was gonna be named Jezebel after the character in "Cats" and shortened to Jezzie, which just evolved into Jessie.

            Cat - Meow. I was 4 when I named her, gimme a break!


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              Re: What are you named after?

              I am named after fossilized pine tree sap. Why? I have no idea.

              My middle name (Leanne) is in homage to my late paternal grandmother (Leah), and is similar to my Hebrew name (Le'ah).

              My daughter is named after the little girl who was in the famous Oklahoma City bombing picture. The one being carried by the firefighter. Her name was Baylee. My daughter is Bailey. Voila!

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                Re: What are you named after?

                My mom wanted to name me Anastasia really bad, but my dad hated it! So, Stacy was a compromise since it is short for Anastasia. My middle name is Erin, I have no idea where that came from.

                My son is Ethan- I already explained that we were watching Survivor and that was the season with Ethan Zahn. We just like the name.

                My dog's name is Brady, but he was already named when we got him, so no story there!
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                  Re: What are you named after?

                  Awesome idea DQ- I'll get more ideas here!
                  �In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.� -Michael Jackson


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                    Re: What are you named after?

                    My first name is from my dad. I never go by it. (it's Ronald btw), my middle name is Scott. My mom gave me that name because she liked the sound of it (personally I believe that she just liked Scotty on Star Trek).

                    The 3 dogs that I used to have (which are at my brothers house) are Tika, General, and Chewy. They are all boxers except for Tika, who is a terrier mix. Tika got her name from my nephew. We were going to call her tinker, but all he could say is 'Tika', so we named her that. General is from Boxer rescue and came with the name. Chewy is from the pound and is about a year old (we got him when he was about 3 months old). You can guess how he got his name. lol.
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                      Re: What are you named after?

                      dramaqueen--- JR was SHOT??? No way!

                      Are you seriously that young? :lmao:

                      My parents chose my name, Claire, because they thought it was the #1 name in 1972-3. Growing up, I questioned them, because I never came across another Claire my age. It drove me nuts.

                      Then I got some almanac, and it turns out that in 1972 and 73 in ENGLAND, the number one name was Claire. In England. In the US it was Jennifer or Sarah.

                      Also, my sister's name is Sarah. Shocker. I was so jealous when I was little, because there were so many Sarah's and never a Claire.

                      Then I lived with THREE Jennifers in college....and listened to their side of it. Now I thank goodness that my parents are kinda dumb. :lmao: I like my name.


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                        Re: What are you named after?

                        My name is Joshua and it was baised of the old testament prophet Joshua. (Specificly the scripture Joshua Chapter 24 Verse 15.

                        My cat's name is Shadow... Inspired by a suggestion by Crazylegs actually.
                        I had a black lab named Shaka Zulu. Named after the Zulu Warrior

                        I had two dogs before named Poncho and Lefty named after the Willy Nelson song.

                        I also had two dogs named Jake and Elwood from the Blues Brothers.
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                          Re: What are you named after?

                          Bad weather. No kid! It was hailing on the day of my birth and my father thought of the name Hayley from the hail. The only way they knew how to spelled it was from the actress Hayley Mills.

                          So, kind of the Hail & Hayley Mills is where I got my name from.
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                            Re: What are you named after?

                            We named my daughter Courtney after a friend of mine growing up in the South. In the south, Courtney was a popular name for girls my age. When I moved to Oregon, I never met another Courtney and I still loved the name, so I thought I was being original naming her. But NO, there are a TON of Courtneys her age here.

                            Her middle name is Dawn after my best friend from high school.

                            There is a Claire out there quasi-named after me! The daughter of my ex-boyfriend's friend. This little girl plays softball against my daughter and I found out at a game, in conversation with the guy's wife that I'd never met. Awkward much?

                            We named Cassidy after...Shaun, Patrick and David Cassidy. After Courtney, it was my favorite name. :lmao: I'm an idiot. Her middle name came to us in the middle of watching Titanic. Rose. We're both idiots. :lol: Poor kid!! Named after a trio of 70's icons and a 90's fictional character in a sappy movie.

                            We named our cat Lassie because our daughter met a girl named Lacie at the park when she was 3 and after that, every got named Lacie, every doll or animal we came across became Lacie. Then one day, she switched it to Lassie. When we got our kitten, she got to name we have a cat named Lassie. Oh, the irony.

                   just Chloe. Wanted something to match her sister's names. Her middle name is Noelle, because she was born in Dec.


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                              Re: What are you named after?

                              my mother just liked the name...I wonder if she knew it meant wild or unmastered..LOL


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