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In Order, Which Disney Park around the Globe?


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  • In Order, Which Disney Park around the Globe?

    If you and thats everyone, had an open voucher to visit ALL Disney parks around the world in sequence which ones first to last? I only list these roughly from west to east with no specific importance.
    DL? Anaheim
    WDW? Florida
    DLP? Paris, France
    DLHK? Hong Kong
    TDS/DL? Japan

    and also any Disney Cruise ship which is technically a theme in themselves.
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    If money and time were no issue, I'd visit each park in order of being built, which means start at DL, then on to MK, Epcot, Tokyo Disneyland, MGM, DLP, etc...

    If it were, I'd just start at DL, then go to WDW, then off to Tokyo, then loop around to HK, and finish at DLP.


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      well i would go to wdw first, then off to disneyland paris, then to the hong kong park and then back to wdw before i would head back home to the original disneyland.
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        I'd start with Tokyo Resorts because I have never been to those parks and would love to see them.

        Next, I'd see Hong Kong Disneyland.

        Then, I'd go to WDW, because it is the most "work" and I've only been there once.

        Followed by DLRP - and see "my" castle and dragon and the most beautiful Park in the world.

        Then home to my beloved Disneyland.

        Now, if geographic had nothing to do with it, Id go from worst to best in this order:

        WD Studios - Paris
        Disneyland Hong Kong
        Magic Kingdom
        Tokyo Disneyland
        WD Studios (Florida)
        Animal Kingdom
        Tokyo Disney Seas
        Parc Disneyland - Paris


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          I have seen all these parks this year (the unfinished Hong Kong as well), in this order:
          -Disneyland, CA almost every weekend that I was in CA (not in the places below or India)
          -Hong Kong
          -WDW again
          -Tokyo Disneyland
          -WDW again
          -Disneyland Paris

          Paris is the one I would like to live in. Disneysea is the one that I wish was closer to home. WDW is where I will retire.
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            *checks retirement status*

            I think I'd love to live in DLRP too! It's such a beautiful park. I'm tempted to use the "perfect"
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              DL, WDW, DLP. Tokyo once I get around to taking that Japanese course I've been putting off. Hong Kong after they expand a bit.

              DLP blows me away. I can gush over pictures of WDW's Fantasyland and other lands because it looks like DL on steroids, like the dream in DL more fully realized. DLP is another animal altogether, less steroids and more makeup. Absolutely gorgeous looking.


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                Thats quite an accomplishment Dusty!

                I was thinking of a "grand tour" so to speak, start of course where it all started and move on up to the shining jewel which to me though I have yet to visit is TDS.

                Makes me kinda wonder if the bighats ever considered an around the world cruise to visit...all of Disney for the 50th.
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                  I would visit the worst Disneyland park & work my way up to the best one.
                  • Hong Kong Disney Resort (Penny's Bay, Lantau Island)
                    Hong Kong Disneyland
                  • Walt Disney World Resort (Lake Buena Vista, Florida)
                    Magic Kingdom
                  • Tokyo Disney Resort (Urayasu, Japan)
                    Tokyo Disneyland
                  • Euro Disney Resort (Marne La Vallee, France)
                    Euro Disneyland
                  • Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, California)
                  I'd skip the secondary parks for a different visit.


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                    I'd visit all of them at the same time as all our mouse-chatter friends were going and have a Round-The-World Disney meet !!!!!
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