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Musical Instrument???


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  • Musical Instrument???

    Do You Play A Musical Instrument.. If So.. Which One??

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    I played the viola for 10 years.

    I was in choir for a while too (your voice counts as an instrument, right????)
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      I am a professional musician (for almost 22 years now) who is fully proficient on all members of the following families of instruments:

      I also am a vocalist and a composer (working on my fourth symphony as well as several dozen other smaller works).
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        Freshmen at the world famous Berklee School of Music Baby!

        Major Instrument: Bass Guitar

        Others: Bass Drum (Drumline)


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          Marching Percussion



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            Piano - poorly
            Cello - even worse
            Mellophone - tied with cello

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              Just my singing voice!!!! I always wanted to learn Flute or piano
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                Oh yeah... my voice is my best instrument, thanks for the reminder, Kat!

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                  I've been playing guitar for almost 14 years. I mostly like playing LOUD electric guitar. I own an acoustic guitar, mainly for the ladies tee hee. I play the drums a little bit too. I've been in a band for 2 years now and we are finely getting serious about it. We have a show May 14th in Livermore, Cali if you wanna check us out. Be ready for mosh pitting!
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                    I'm guessing that you forgot your other thread here. Just thought I'd link it up here for you.

                    And as for me;

                    Originally posted by Jazzman
                    I'm a sax (tenor & bari) player by trade, heart and soul; though I do take other reed gigs when need be. Clarinet, oboe, whatever. I seriously dig making music and have played with orchestras, marching bands, combos, etc. But jazz is what really moves me, and I'll play 'til I die.


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                      unsharpened #2 Pencils on some old textbooks...

                      Actually I have a unused drum kit and a electrical guitar, I should consider using them one day.


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                        clarinet, for 5 years. I also picked up alto sax at the beginning of this school year, but it was too complicated juggling two intruments at once, with all the classes I'm taking.


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                          I was pretty serious about singing for awhile. I have sang at numerous theme parks, sporting events, school functions, even did a wedding once.

                          I was chosen out of 300 people to sing the national anthem at graduation out of 300 people. I ended up choking SO BAD, even though I done that solo numerous times in front of large audiences, that I have given up ever singing again in public. I know it's dumb- ya fall off the horse ya get back on. But it was just too scarring. I did do choir in college after that, but never soloed again
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                            From the other thread:

                            I have been playing the piano for about fourteen years now and play for a living. I also play drums but the piano has always been my focus


                            I have been singing a bit more lately because I've been doing some vocal directing (Evita is in production right now and Bye Bye Birdie in August).
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                              I took piano lessons for four years and have recently started playing more heavily again, but I'm no where near as good as I would like to be.
                              If voice counts as an instrument, I sing in our school's honor choir, but I have a feeling that when college begins next semester, I'll be giving up on my voice for the next few years.


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                                hilarious.. I did a search for Musical... and nothing came up....

                                The search must have a bad bug.....


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                                  Playing the flute since fourth grade and started playing the alto sax my sophomore year of high school for jazz band. Have a keyboard that I was teaching myself to play, I can play simple songs on it.

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