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    Aloha friends, Da Haole has a moment and wanted to contribute to the boards. I wanted to throw this out, and excuse me mods if this is a previous thread-feel free to relocate me there... .

    What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you @ Disneyland, or any other park. Here is mine;


    I am a pass holder and have been for some time. I really enjoy going to the park, some times for rides, some times just to hang out. This day was a rough one, so I decided I was going to the park to write and hang out. Well I was sitting on the planter by Cafe Orleans when all of a sudden I hear a comotion beside me. I look to my right and there is a tour group of about 100 tourist. They are speaking in their native language, so I have no idea what they are saying. They keep smiling and motion that they want a picture with me. No lie, Ii was in about 30 pictures with different groupings. Well this created a crowd and then more people start taking pictures with me. I was there for like 30 minutes taking pictures with strangers. I do not know why, I assume due to the fact that I stand 6-4, and tip the scale @ 370, with long curly hair might have something to do with it. Well all day people were like giving me the thumbs up and waving, and I was like ok this is sureal. Well to end this story, a woman with a southern accent came up to me in the mansion que and asked, "excuse me, I saw you earlier with the group of people, where would I know you from" I just smiled and said I sing for a musical group. She then smiled whispered to her party, and then I stood for pictures with her daughters.

    Anyone else have something they would like to share?

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    Re: Life @ DLR

    So people thought you were famous, correct? Or maybe they thought you were very tall for their country.

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