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*Take Two* Labor Day Bodega Bay Trip WITH PICTURES


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  • *Take Two* Labor Day Bodega Bay Trip WITH PICTURES

    I tried to post this last week but snapfish didn't want to cooperate with loading my pictures. It took me a while to find another hosting site and get my photos loaded because I have been dealing with a strike situation at work. But I have now loaded my photos at photobucket and it seems to be working, so here is my trip report, with pictures!

    So we took a little two day jaunt over to Bodega Bay Labor Day weekend with my mom and cousin (who lives with my mom). This was my fiance's first trip to Bodega Bay with my family as it is a family tradition. My aunt and great-grandmother's ashes were spread at Bodega Bay so we try to visit regularly to pay tribute to them and also enjoy the ocean.

    We left at about 1:30 on Sunday from Sacramento and got to a Lodge near Fort Ross at about 5pm. We were starving so we decided to head to dinner in Valley Ford. On our way we stopped at a store and bought kites and other goodies for our next day at the beach. Then we went to DiNucci's Italian Restaurant, which is another family tradition. DiNucci's is a family-style restaurant that has been around since the early 1900's and it has excellent, hugely portioned food and friendly service. I love it! Then we knew we would have a long day the next day so we came back to the Lodge by about 10pm and crashed.

    The next morning we started off touring Fort Ross.

    Anyone who knows my last name would find this sign funny.

    Fort Ross was the site of the first Russians in the US, as the sign in front of this cannon states.

    My cousin, mom and I at the front entrance of the fort. (I swear I am standing in a hole. I am not that short, am I?)

    The Orthodox church inside the fort with the fog hanging over it.

    Some of the many cannons of Fort Ross.

    A view of the ocean from the front turret.

    The bell in front of the church. That thing is LOUD!

    My fiance committing blasphemy inside the church. :shy:

    One last look at the fort from the rear turret.

    Next we hiked down to where my aunt's husband set a marble cross into the rock on the beach where they camped on their honeymoon in 1974. Yes, it probably wasn't the best thing to illegally attach a cross to a rock, but it was done over 16 years ago and has survived and is a part of my family legacy, so please be kind. My aunt died very young and was very close to my mother, so this is hard for us to deal with still.

    A view of the cross from the hiking path leading toward it.

    A bit worse for the wear after 16 years, but still there. Her initials are on the three bolts across the arms of the cross.

    A view out to the ocean where my aunt and great grandmother's ashes were spread.

    We then went down to the water and threw some flowers into the ocean in their memory.

    Then it was time to lighten the mood and *try* to fly our kites.

    This was the best flight of the pirate kite all afternoon! Pretty sad, eh?

    A curious sea lion kept popping up trying to figure out why the crazy humans were running down the beach screaming with things flying in the air after them.

    We shared our lunch with a loan seagull back on the rock.

    Finally, I had a good spell with the octopus kite that I managed to keep in the air during our whole hike back to the car.

    On our way home we stopped at a winery that turned out to be owned by the manager of The Doobie Brothers. Here is a sculpture of him, his car and his dog that sits in front of the winery.

    Here is his car, which was once used to transport General Eisenhower and General MacArthur in Manila. Reportedly the only known Woody with Philippine Mahogany.

    It was much sunnier in Sonoma than at Bodega Bay. Here is the front view of the tasting room. (Sorry that the photo is sideways, photobucket doesn't seem to want to rotate my photos.)

    Here is the owner's dog, Moose, sound asleep on the tasting room floor. He was so sweet and chill in the few minutes he was awake!

    The whole trip was fabulous and I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day!

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    Re: *Take Two* Labor Day Bodega Bay Trip WITH PICTURES

    Great pic's and I like the cross.


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      Re: *Take Two* Labor Day Bodega Bay Trip WITH PICTURES

      Wonderful !! I loved the pics, The cross, very lovely. thank you so much, I love ocean pics, I love this report!!


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        Re: *Take Two* Labor Day Bodega Bay Trip WITH PICTURES

        Originally posted by hakuna makarla View Post
        Wonderful !! I loved the pics, The cross, very lovely. thank you so much, I love ocean pics, I love this report!!
        Thank you both for your kind words! :ghug:

        Someone asked on my previous try at posting this where Bodega Bay is, it is north of San Francisco, directly east of Sonoma wine country.


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