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How about just one birthday thread?


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  • How about just one birthday thread?

    I think it's great that there are so many members here. And that everyone seems to be getting birthday threads.

    But, won't it be easier in the longrun (think of the bandwidth people) to just have 1 birthday thread? Plus if somebody doesn't get their own B-day topic it wouldn't really be fair.

    just a thought.

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    Wow... you read my mind.... I was thinking the same thing each day I come in here and have several B-day threads. I agree with you totally. Now.. lets see if the Admins think so to!

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      I kinda see both sides...yeah it does get busy...but it was really cool to have everyone wish me a happy b-day on my very own thread! hmmm....we could maybe try for a Forum just for the b-day posts maybe....hmmm. Just another idea


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        all right then... i will start... todays birthday is AStarOnMars...and he turns 23 today

        happy birthday to you
        (an a very un merry unbirthday tommorrow


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          I have to say I think it's nice to have a seperate thread for each person, sure it takes some time to post on all of them but it only really takes a moment to make someone feel special on their birthday, Really Happy birthday 13 little letters, I say we keep up with the individual threads.

          just my 2 cents.


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