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A question about Animatronics


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  • A question about Animatronics

    The other night I was shopping at a few stores in my local area and found a large number of animatronic Halloween decor. There are talking skeletons, mummy's, and frankensteins that dance (and if you put a normal cd in them, they will act like they are singing along to the music). There are animated crystal balls with heads in them that talk, blink, and have glowing eyes. Halloween has definatly gone techno this year.

    What I'm wondering though.. is if all this stuff in on the market and is so popular... why won't Disney concider selling stuff like this (like a Tiki room bird or Madam L's crystal ball from the haunted mansion)?
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    Re: A question about Animatronics

    Thats a very good idea. I like seeing Disney decorations for the various hoildays that come about. I think the animated ones would be just as awesome.

    But then I think they will lose money at the parks cause then they will wanna pay you to stare at the Disney Animatronics displayed in and out of your home....
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      Re: A question about Animatronics

      Funny story, we saw these heads that talk, a witch, a dead butler, and a ghost I think, and they say a sentence then BOO! Their eyes and tongue pop out!

      It scared my son and I had no idea they did that...heck it scared me! We both went "AAAH!"

      Ta Da!


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