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Watch out for Russian Drivers


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  • Watch out for Russian Drivers

    Here's something that tells me, that should I ever visit Russia, I will need to be very, very careful crossing the street or going anywhere near traffic:
    About 25 percent of Russians have had sex while driving, a poll released by KRC Research and Goodyear revealed. And this is just one of the things that make them the worst drivers in Europe. According to the research, Russians do not use seatbelts, break speed-limits, drive through red lights, drive drunk and have sex while driving much more often than other Europeans do.
    The odd thing is they don't think all this is bad.
    According to the poll, 36 percent of Russian drivers regularly cross speed limits. This is the highest rate in Europe, the Delovoi Peterburg newspaper reported. Russians talk on the cell phone while driving more often than drivers in the other 14 European countries polled. About 30 percent of those polled in Russia have driven drunk before.
    And I thought Southern California area drivers were bad.

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    Ta Da!


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