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  • We're home!

    We arrived home Sunday night and I finally got all the suitcases unpacked Thursday. The trip was awesome! Sydney is such an amazing city! If you haven't been, save up and GO!! We had wild kangaroos jump in front of our car in the Blue Mountains (got some awesome pictures of a mama with her joey in her pouch), took tons of pictures of the Opera House (it is so amazing at all times of the day), spent time at the beach, and survived 2 transpacific flights with 4 year olds (they were awesome both going and coming back)!

    Here are a couple of my favorite pictures:

    Arriving in Sydney (yes, the kids both have dvd players. It was 3am for us and they were doing the "don't look at me" crap so we pulled out the players to keep them quiet!)

    Koala Park (my son wouldn't touch the koalas but LOVED the kangaroos, go figure!):

    Circular Quay (that is my brother in law jumping in the picture). The close up one of the Opera House was taken at the same time of day but with the nightshot option:

    Shark tube at the aquarium (the stingray was about 5' across.):

    Seeing the Wiggles:

    Kangaroo and joey by the side of the road:

    Christmas card picture! Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background:

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    Re: We're home!

    aww adorable picture twinmom!! I am so glad your back!



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      Re: We're home!

      Great Pics twinmom! Awesome to have you back!
      What an idiot....

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        Re: We're home!

        totally awsome pics!! you were missed, welcome home!!


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          Re: We're home!

          I thought it must be close to you guys getting home!!
          Great pics! Do you know how lucky you are to see the kangaroo in the wild?? and with a joey, AND that you can SEE the joey?????
          We don't see many just hopping around LOL LOL
          Awesome pics!!

          Originally Posted by Disney Wrassler
          Tassie, I found a quote for ya :lol:!

          "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."

          Charles M. Schulz
          Originally Posted by MWalton
          :lol: Did the pages take that long to reach around to your part of the world?!? :lol:


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            Re: We're home!

            Welcome home :ghug:
            So glad it was a good trip and I can't wait to see more pics!

            And can I say it, you look HAWT!!


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              Re: We're home!

              Wonderful pics, twinmom. Love the koala and kangaroo pics. And how freaking cute are your babies? AWWW!
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                Re: We're home!

                I'm so Jealous! not one Kangaroo or Koala was spotted when I went

                Let's runaway together and take a trip to Oz!

                I miss it already

                "Tonight I wash my hands of you
                You set the bar I could not live up to
                Tonight the light is breaking through
                So thank you very little and send me postcards from hell"


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                  Re: We're home!

                  Wow, great pictures! Welcome home and thanks for sharing. And I have to agree on the aforementioned hotness!!


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                    Re: We're home!

                    Welcome home! I love that close up shot of the Opera House. It's like a freakin' postcard it's so good!


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                      Re: We're home!

                      Lovely pictures!

                      Thank you for sharing, twinmom.

                      Is this home?
                      Am I here for a day or forever?
                      Shut away
                      From the world until who knows when
                      Oh, but then
                      As my life has been altered once
                      It can change again
                      Build higher walls around me
                      Change ev'ry lock and key
                      Nothing lasts, nothing holds
                      All of me
                      My heart's far, far away
                      Home and free!


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                        Re: We're home!

                        Originally posted by twinmom View Post
                        Susan! :ghug: Sounds amazing!! I can't wait to hear more.

                        We missed you, woman!!



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                          Re: We're home!

                          Susan, those pictures are AMAZING! How lucky that you got to share such an experience with your adorable little ones. So glad to have you back and I hope you make some wonderful memories.

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                            Re: We're home!

                            Cool pics. Did ya notice that your kids look like each other?


                            This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                              Re: We're home!

                              Welcome Back TwinMom .


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                                Re: We're home!

                                Tassie, we saw one kangaroo hopping by the side of the road when we were leaving the Jenolan Caves; we stopped the car and drove back but it was already gone. It was only a couple minutes later that we saw the mom with the joey. She came so close to the car and posed for us! We probably spent almost 10 minutes video taping and taking pictures of her. A few miles later on we had the 2 kangaroos jump across the road and then we saw a huge herd of them by the side of the road. These ones all jumped away quickly when we stopped to take pictures of them! Gotta believe those kangaroo warning signs, I guess!

                                Thank you all for the compliments! And Hector, I'd get on a plane right now to go back! I am so appreciative of my wonderful husband for planning this trip for us!


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                                  Re: We're home!

                                  Those pics are awesome. I can't chose which one I like best but the one of the Opera house is amazing.

                                  Who hopes she will be going to Sydney in 2008
                                  Katie :yea:
                                  Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
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                                    Re: We're home!

                                    Susan those pictures are GREATTTT!!!
                                    So glad to have you back and so happy that you had such a wonderful trip. And can so see that GOAL reached in those pictures, you look GREAT!!!

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                                      Re: We're home!

                                      Twinmom, welcome home...
                                      looks (and sounds like you all had a great time) the pictures are wonderful...

                                      and Your kids are so cute...

                                      I'm glad you had a good time


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                                        Re: We're home!

                                        You DO look fabulous!
                                        I'm soooo jealous that you got to touch a koala!!
                                        sounds like a great trip!
                                        Good morning, son
                                        In twenty years from now
                                        Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
                                        And I can tell you 'bout today
                                        And how I picked you up and everything changed
                                        It was pain
                                        Sunny days and rain
                                        I knew you'd feel the same things...



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