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My Montana Rescue mission


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  • My Montana Rescue mission

    I mentioned this in the Belles, Beaus thread, but here are the pics to go along with the story!

    My hubby and some friends decided to go to Ananconda, Montana on Monday to play golf for a few days (It's about 3 hours from Idaho Falls, near Butte). Tuesday, I have a day of leisure planned, when I get a phone call at 9 a.m. from Hubby. It went like this, "Um, honey, I got on the first tee and threw my back out, and now I can't move." So, instead of making his buddies give up their retreat, he called me to come get him. Being the best wife in the world, I dropped everything, found someone to pick up my son from school, loaded the other son in the car and took off. Now, it's not terribly scenic (in fact, almost boring to tears) - but there are a few things of interest on the way.

    Ever wonder where Budweiser gets all it's Barley?? Idaho Baby! They change the paint on these silos quite a bit.

    Welcome to Montana

    I just those rocks looked like a mummy


    Karla wasn't lying when she said there was snow in the forecast!

    Fall has arrived at Anaconda

    Old Works golf Course. Designed by Jack Nicklaus. It used to be a copper mine and they turned it into a golf course. It was the most expensive land reclamation that the U.S. had done at the time. The sand traps are actually filled with slag.

    There you have it. Not much too exciting. Next time, I'm stopping in to visit Hakuna Makarla - I would have this time if I'd have known how close I was to her!!
    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!

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    Re: My Montana Rescue mission

    Gee, I am so close you could almost touch me!! And that second to the last pic, did you know that was a slide? its a ball and you walk up a long set of stairs and the kid slides down, it was fun when we went 2 months ago. and just 3 blocks down was the duck pond, the park and the fish hatchery. wow, I could have spent at least a half hour showing you some cool stuff there. silly girl, next time call me


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      Re: My Montana Rescue mission

      oh and this part of montana is pretty ugly, it goes in parts, every 20 miles its beautiful. and then ugly again :lol:


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        Re: My Montana Rescue mission

        Oh, pick me too! I'm just a bit farther north. I would be happy to come and meet you if you ever make it back to Montana!
        Glad we had some snow for you !!


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