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  • ZABASearch...

    This is probably the most frightening thing I've ever seen on the web. All of your information is available for purchase! Is this legal?

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    Re: ZABASearch...

    Originally posted by Soulquarian View Post
    Is this legal?
    In short, yes, because it's all composed of information that is public (birth certificates, grantor/grantee documents, etc.).

    At least it's nice knowing I am not the only Hastin.
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      Re: ZABASearch...

      I've seen this before. It is pretty scary that anyone could fork over money and find out heaven only knows what about me. It had all my family listed, what size house I live in...when it was built... of course I can find that on Zillow too.

      Only thing that is strange and a bit disconcerting is it says I have 4 previous addresses, but one is in Irvine and I have never lived in Irvine or had anything to do with Irvine. But the other addys are correct.

      Legal? Probably. Still freaking unnerving....

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      Originally posted by AGhostFromThePast
      all you need to know about the mommy stick is.. out of all the bad things that could happen to you... it's right between wetting yourself and death.


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        Re: ZABASearch...

        Geez, this really gives me the creeps. My numbers are out there, and everything else! It's so easy for some crazy person to stalk you! They even have maps that show exactly where you live!


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          Re: ZABASearch...

          Majority of the personal info you can get for free just by searching. I have heard of several people contacting Zaba and requesting that their info be removed. We have all used the fact that we are law enforcement. So far only one person has been successful. I have contacted them in the past and was told they were back logged with requests.


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            Re: ZABASearch...

            It wasnt from zaba but from usasearch

            Just for the heck I wanted to know what was actually on these reports.
            So I purchased one in my name. They have different packages so I bought
            the one that suppossedly give you everything.

            So on my report its just basically showed where I lived. Who where my neighbors at each location Family members. I dont remember it had any phone numbers.

            You can submit a letter requesting your name to be removed
            but remember if you signup for things in websites or credit card applications more than likely it would show up again
            Originally posted by aashee (Farter Extraordinair)
            Wow. If regular MiceChatters saw this thread they might think we are normal. Thanks Dan & Gina!


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              Re: ZABASearch...

              Neither my married or maiden name is there, but everyone else's in my family is


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                Re: ZABASearch...

                Yeah it is somewhat spooky however it has become a very useful tool for me and my family. We've been able to reconnect with relatives and friends that we haven't been in touch with for ages. Our address book was out of date with several contacts that we haven't had Christmas cards from in awhile.
                Originally posted by aashee
                We are 100% grade A Disney Dorks.


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                  Re: ZABASearch...

                  This site should be illiigal. I shared this site with a buddy of mine and it is very scary. It is also unsafe.