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Converting Disney Muggles


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  • Converting Disney Muggles

    I'm proud to say that I have converted my first Disney "Muggle"-- a person who didn't grow up with the company or the parks and thus feel nostalgia or quite understand the "magic" factor.

    Muggle BF, as I have previously referred to him, had gone to the park with family once when he was four, and once with a friend a few years ago. Since we've started dating, I have taken him to the park three times. He initially enjoyed it because I'm a big kid at the parks. You all know the type (or are the type)-- giddy grins, bouncy character sightings, fireworkasms... It made him smile to see me so smiley. I knew that the possibility of a conversion existed when, at the end of that first day, he decided to pay extra money to get a higher pass level. "Why?" I asked. "Well, it looks like we'd hardly be able to come with the cheaper one."

    The second trip was even better. I saw the light in his eyes during his first-ever Peter Pan's Flight (for which we'd not had to wait in line, since he suggested we arrive before the opening.) In the middle of Alice in Wonderland he began a bit of a diatribe about how he enjoyed the surreality. He noted that every little detail in the parks was purposeful.

    On Monday, I called him to tell him about the fireworks preview, and he said that he did, indeed, want to go. He'd been having a craving for fireworks and Dole Whip. I figured we would hardly have a chance to get there in time for Remember, but he had faith and had come up with a list of rides he wanted to get in beforehand. We made it onto Pirates, after all. After the thoroughly enjoyable 'works, I told him that since we'd come so often recently, we wouldn't have to come again until July 17 (unless he chose to.)

    And then he asked to be reminded what he'd get on his birthday if we went. And today, he's decided that a free mousse at the Blue Bayou is definitely in order for his 33rd. We will be going to DL at his request.


    Have you converted a Disney Muggle? Are you a converted Disney Muggle? Do you know one? What is your story?

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    I have,

    one of my friends was taking his family (wife and baby) to DL because he needed a break from work, had not been to DL since he was a kid and thoughtit was a good option for a quick trip. Being the DisneyDork that they know I am they asked for my help in planning (and got it in spades) they went had a great time and 3 weeks later he told me he was planning another trip schedualed aprox 2 months after his first.
    Every time he comes over we talk about DL he learned all the web-sites very quickly and has even introduced me to one I had not known about (I thought I knew them all!)

    his wife and my husband think I have created a monster, I told told them, nope, he just found his happy place (unfortunatly for both of us our happy place is over 600 miles away)

    It really is fun to watch a Disney novice turn into a Disney fanatic so quickly....


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