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The Stop Ashlee Simpson Petition


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  • The Stop Ashlee Simpson Petition

    A group of music fans have asked Ashlee Simpson to stop singing.

    I found this too on
    It is a petition toltalling over 154070 Total Signatures (the most currently on the petition site....)

    Click Here to sign the petition and posible stop her singing....

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    As much as I dislike her music, I feel terribly bad for her... after what happened on SNL and then getting booed at that football game.

    There's probably just as many people who are huge fans of her, though. I don't think a petition's really going to stop her.


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      Rainfully does have a point, there. I do feel rather bad for her. On the other hand, though, it wouldn't have happened to her if she hadn't lipsynced in the first place.
      I don't think an online petition is going to do much of anything. Not that that stopped me from signing it.


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        Petition definetely won't do anyting, but she does need to stop singing. And I do not feel at all sorry for her. One of the things I hate most is when people capitalize on the success of others.


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          oh.. my sister is a great singer.. perhaps i should start signing.. but first i have to change my iamge to not try to capitalize off her.. (*blackens hair*) ok where is a music producer.... and a persion who can make my voice sound beautiful so i can lip sink and make lots of money.. just like jessica does....

          Take note.. She should act or do something else... (Mc donalds anyone?)


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            Even Mc Donalds has standards. She needs to work at Wal*Mart.


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              um.. wally world actually gives their employees things... what about.... someting worse... K-Mart!!! hahahaha (not sears.. but K-mart)


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                I vote for exile.


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                  I feel bad for her because of SNL even though she should stop singing :devil:


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                    she's getting her own realty show on MTV...LOL...following right in big sisters footsteps...oh, but it's not based on a marriage.


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                      She already had one...This is the second season!!!!!
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                        Originally posted by BigDaddyKyle
                        She already had one...This is the second season!!!!!
                        OMG..I'm sooo out of the loop...LOL...I had no idea that she played a chrachter on 7th heaven either. Someone had to tell me and I watch the show occasionally...LOL...I forgot her chracters name, but she couldn't act at all...


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                          Originally posted by BigDaddyKyle
                          She already had one...This is the second season!!!!!
                          Is this not some sort of sign of impending biblical disaster, or perhaps it's already happened (the Orange Bowl performance itself)?
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                            /Hi everybody!
                            /Ok, what to do about Tomorrowland, first of all......

                            (darn it, wrong tape)

                            /Hi everybody,
                            /My name is Ted and the first...

                            (ehh, wrong tape again)

                            Sorry, fingersyncing again. It really improves my otherwise terrible typing!



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                              Somebody get me some earplugs, no more butchering of Berlin!!
                              Oops I meant Nicole Simpson.
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