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Disney Attraction Tournament!!!!!!


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  • Disney Attraction Tournament!!!!!!

    ok, heres the game.....i will post 32 attaractions from any park in the U.S. Each will face off with another 1v1. what you do is email me the attraction that you think is superior. after one week of emails i will post the winners and they will square off. this will repeat until we have the ultimate champion. my email is [email protected]. DO NOT REPOST YOUR ANSWERS HERE. I WILL NOT COUNT THEM.!!!!!! thank you

    expediton everest
    its tough to be a bug

    tom sawyers island

    splash mountain
    stitchs great escape

    test track

    mission space
    buzz lightyear spin

    grizzly river rapids
    indiana jones

    mickey's philhar magic

    big thunder mountain railroad
    country bears

    pirates of the caribbean
    tiki room

    space mountain

    rockin' roller coaster
    peter pan's flight

    small world
    mgm backlot w/catastrophe canyon

    jungle cruise
    astro orbitor

    haunted mansion
    mad tea party

    kilamanjaro safaris
    star tours

    kali river rapids
    california screamin'

    thank you and once again....DO NOT REPOST YOUR ANSWERS!!

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    Re: Disney Attraction Tournament!!!!!!

    This is pointless.. you're putting Test Track up against Dumbo? What are you talking about?


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      Re: Disney Attraction Tournament!!!!!!

      To me it seems like:
      You're comparing apples to.....cashews!
      - Horizonsfan


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        Re: Disney Attraction Tournament!!!!!!

        Are apples are cashews attractions?!?! I'll have to look for those when I'm out there in 5 days.


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          Re: Disney Attraction Tournament!!!!!!

          Apples are good ol' disney: sweet, rich, and get spoiled quickly
          Cashews are new disney: Hard, and um........ Man, I'm bad at analogies!
          - Horizonsfan


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            Re: Disney Attraction Tournament!!!!!!

            Not many fair comparisons there.

            Come on, Astro Orbiter vs Jungle Cruise? How about Astro Orbiter vs Dumbo or Aladdin? It needs to be more logical IMO.


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              Re: Disney Attraction Tournament!!!!!!

              I agree with the above.
              And, no way am I emailing. You'd have to at least take private messages or something.


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                Re: Disney Attraction Tournament!!!!!!

                Since Ive never been to WDW I cant participate. Also, like the above poster said, Im not about to just hand out my email to someone I dont know. Sorry buddy.
                "I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. "Groucho Marx


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