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Halloween. The Season of the Witch?


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  • Halloween. The Season of the Witch?

    I saw this article on about the history of 'witchcraft' and thought I'd share it here. There have been a lot of sterotypes over the years over what a witch is, and I think it's good to show people what witches really are about.

    Witchcraft is a term used to describe three distinct but related phenomena: 1) a contemporary religion, also known as Wicca, that is practiced in many parts of the world; 2) the belief that developed in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the early modern period that some individuals are in league with the DEVIL, (q.v.) to destroy the Christian world; 3) a set of practices and beliefs that are common cross-culturally and historically in nations or among groups that are pre-industrial. In all three forms of witchcraft, practitioners are believed to have special powers that permit them to alter the natural course of events for good or ill, such as the ability to cause drought or rainfall, heal or cause illness, and affect fertility of livestock, people, or plants.

    Contemporary Western Witchcraft.Historic Witchcraft.Summis DesiderantesMalleus Maleficarum (The Hammer of Witches). In this text, Kraemer and Sprenger described witches as predominantly women who were in the employ of the devil. See SATANISM,; Cross-cultural Witchcraft.
    In most pre-industrial societies there is a belief that certain individuals known as shamans (see SHAMAN,), medicine women or men, and wise women or men, have the ability to do almost all of the things witches were accused of in the trials. The main difference is that, with shamans, there is no belief in the devil. Witches, shamans, and wise men or women have an established and unchallenged role in their communities. They are assumed to derive their power from spirits, which are revered and at times feared by members of the community. Those who are believed to have access to the spirit world are also regarded with reverence and at times fear. Shamans are thought to be able to cure the sick, make rain, assure a successful hunt, and protect individuals from the curses of other shamans. Rev. by H.A.Be., HELEN A. BERGER, Ph.D.
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    Re: Halloween. The Season of the Witch?


    And a happy, blessed Samhain to you!!!
    xo, Deanna


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