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I'm taking an extended absence...


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  • I'm taking an extended absence...

    Hi everyone. Starting immediately, the only way to contact me will be through e-mail communication to me. I won't answer posts, use AIM, or use any other method of communication.

    This is only a temporary measure while my site goes through the biggest change in three years. (when we aquired the Animation Archive)

    A lot needs to be done, and time is winding down, so I'm going to be stopping all my online activities for a bit. You can always e-mail me if you need to.

    Take care everyone!

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    Good luck Bill. We'll miss you.
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      Best of luck with the site!


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        Hope you accomplish all you need to.
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          ^ ditto, can't wait for all of the changes on the great site!


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            Best wishes Bill, see you real soon.
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              Good luck, best wishes, dont screw it up etc etc
              What an idiot....

              Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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                Best of luck!
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                  good luck bill.

                  I just looked at your site. It's amazing. I am wondering how it could get any better...but I am sure you know how.
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                    Good luck!!

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                      God Speed Good Man!


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                        oooh.. animation! My ears just perked up. Enjoy yourself and don't stress out. See ya real soon!


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