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Hug your turkeys tight


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  • Hug your turkeys tight

    It's that horrible time of year again if you have pet turkeys like me. I'm always afraid that my babies are going to disappear. Believe it or not a turkey can be a great pet. They greet me when I come home from work, tell me if some one is at the gate, and even sit on my lap.

    If you don't have a pet turkey you may not understand the love to get from them. Now I'm not saying that there's not mean turkeys but when you raise them from a chick they are wonderful. If you think a chicken baby is cute then you haven't really seen cute. Little wobbly baby legs running round checking everything out that they can.

    I'm also not saying that I don't eat turkey on Thanksgiving. I don't know that one so I don't care. Besides it's fun to watch my brother get nervous eat turkey while there's a live one watching him through the window.
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    Re: Hug your turkeys tight

    Sounds cute!! Do you have photos?


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