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Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)


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  • Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

    I figured since there were threads about seeing celbs in the parks and that's been a fun thread, I thought what about celeb encounters out in the "real world". What have been your ecounters with famous people? Where? What were they doing?

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    Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

    I just had one yesterday in the Charlotte airport. My mom and I were killing time between flights wandering around and this gaggle of people were walking towards us. In the "mush pot" of this gaggle was this teeny tiny woman, about 4'10" or so with HUGE...... tracks of land :lmao:

    Yup, it was DOLLY PARTON!!! She had a bunch of fans surrounding her and she seemed to be so pleasant to everyone, telling them about some show she did in Vegas and such. Made me feel good to know she seems to be just as sweet in person as she does in interviews Ive seen.

    I was shocked at how short she is too. I always knew she was short but wow, she's REALLY short!


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      Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

      Bill Walton at the ESPN Zone.

      I like his humor.

      This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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        Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

        I have a great story about my first casual celeb sighting. When the first Pirates of the Carribean movie was in theaters, we went on a busy Friday or Saturday night. As we tried to find a seat in the packed theater we found the very rear section of seats (it was a stadium style seating theater) were all open. However the section was roped off with a usher preventing us from sitting in the reserved section, this seemed strange since I've never seen private parties at the movies before but I figured it was for a kids birthday or something. We ended up finding two seats in the back row of the available seats, there was still a walkway directly behind us to get to the reserved section. The previews already started and still no one was back there. Then just as the lights were dimmed completly the emergency exit door way down below by the screen opened and a large stream of people (about 50-80) walked quietly up the stairs to take their seats. Most of the audience paid no attention to them but as I watched them to see what made them so special I started recognizing some faces but didn't know why. In the middle of the crowd wearing huge sunglasses, tight sparkly jeans and a leather shirt/jacket was CHER!!! Being the huge fan that I am I then realized that her group was her band, dancers, and some stage crew. They staying in town cause they had just done a concert the previous night in a nearby city.

        I could barely contain my giddyness and had a hard time concentrating on the movie as I kept turning around to see if I could spot her again. Somehow I managed not make a fool of myself though I did wait to be the very last person to leave the theater hoping to get to meet her without all the crowds. But the group did not leave until the usher signaled them, after I left, that it was cleared to exit same door they came in. I understand her right for privacy .... but I would have been so cool to have met her.

        Needless to say when the movie came out on DVD I had no clue what it was about and saw many scenes I didn't remeber. Disney and Cher my two favorite things combined = one great experience.

        Sorry for such a long story, but it is one of my favorites.
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          Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

          I met Billy Ray Cyrus after one of his concerts when I was a little kid, and it was in the middle of the whole Achy Breaky Heart phase. So cool.
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            Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

            Originally posted by Olympicnut View Post
            I figured since there were threads about seeing celbs in the parks and that's been a fun thread, I thought what about celeb encounters out in the "real world". What have been your ecounters with famous people? Where? What were they doing?
            Who: Bruce Jenner, Scott Hamilton, Debbie Thomas, and some other ice skaters
            Where: airport in Norfolk, VA
            What: Being jerky because a 16 year old's suitcase exploded (had been run over by a luggage car on an earlier flight and was taped up)

            Who: Arnold Schwarzenegger
            Where: My dad's gym, in the hot tub, during the filming of Kindergarten Cop
            What: Hitting on teenage girls and being a creepy jerk

            Who: Marky Mark (Wahlberg) and the Funky Bunch
            Where: The Hilton, downtown Portland
            What: Hitting on teenage girls, but really nice about it

            Who: 1992's Dream Team, including Christian Laettner, Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Chris Mullins, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, and John Stockton. I didn't meet Magic or Jordan.
            Where: All over Portland, bars, restaurants, their hotel....
            What: Drinking, meeting people, eating

            Who: Lori Petty, Kadeem Hardison, Ahmad Rashad, Mike Fratello
            Where: a sports bar in Portland
            What: hanging out, drinking, schmoozing with basketball players

            Who: Eddi Money and Jon Secada
            Where: Portland, backstage at a show
            What: Hitting on teenage girls, but not that creepily

            Who: Shawn Ray (2nd place in Mr. Olympia)
            Where: Palm Springs during Spring Break
            What: Dancing and drinking

            Who: Corey Feldman, The Romantics, Bobcat Goldthwait
            Where: Lake Havasu, AZ during Spring Break
            What: Hitting on teenage girls and being creepy jerks (but to be fair, I was hitting on Corey Feldman, even though he was in his Michael Jackson phase)

            Who: Keane and the Killers
            Where: Portland
            What: Drinking during and after a show

            I've seen various actors, saw Bill Cosby drive by once when he was in town for a basketball game, bumped into Tom Brokaw in NYC, I've seen a few at Disneyland (Joe Montana, Nic Cage and Lisa Marie), but I'm not good at approaching anyone to meet them anymore--not like when I was much younger!

            Yesterday, I met Michael Feinstein's mother at my daughter's soccer game. If you know who Michael Feinstein is, you're probably a Broadway :geek: like me.
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              Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

              I get celebrities at work all the time. At least once a week. Too much to count.
              -Jack :geek:
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                Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

                saw matt lucas (little britain) in london a few months back reading on the steps of a retirement consultant.

                met steven segal in mongolia, biggest *** ive ever met.

                met tonnes at the edinburgh festival years ago, mighty boosh, robert newman and al murray to name a few
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                  Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

                  Bumped into both Richard Belzer and Jason Alexander on the streets of NYC (seperate incidents).

                  Standing outside a club in Tampa when Hulk Hogan and about 4 other wrestlers walked into the place. I was blown away by how big they actually are when you are standing that close to them.


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                    Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

                    Whoopi Goldberg while I was working at Faneuil Hall.

                    Also seen Batista from the WWE, Elizabeth Shue, Beyonce, Mike Timlan from Boston Red Sox and I waited on Paul Pierce (big jack a**) from Boston Celtics all when working at Logan Airport. I always heard of many other celebrities but I always missed them.


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                      Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

                      When I was quite young, I had the experience of sitting right next to two celebrities on flights from LA to NY. They are both from an era long past and few here will recognize the names.

                      When I was about 3 years old, I sat next to George Jessel, a well-known actor at the time. I don't remember this encounter very well but as I understand from my parents, he was very friendly and we talked quite a bit.

                      A few years later, when I was about 8 or so, I sat next to Henny Youngman, king of the one-liner (Take my wife...please). This I remember quite well because he told me lots of funny jokes and gave me a pamphlet he had printed up called "The 100 Best One-liners, by Henny Youngman".

                      I wish I still had it.

                      Beyond that, I've met numerous musical celebrities from being involved in the industry. The more famous being; Stevie Wonder, Doc Severenson, Buddy Rich, Stewart Copeland, etc...

                      My ABSOLUTE favorite celebrity encounter however, occured over the phone. I was told one day that this lady would be calling me because she was looking for someone to produce some music for her son. When she called, she said her name was Jean VanderPyl. I told her that her name sounded awfully familiar and she replied that it was probably because she had been the voice of Wilma Flintstone, as well as Rosie the Robot on the Jetsons. We ended up talking for hours about the Flintstones, about Mel Blanc, and just the industry in general. At the end of the conversation, I detected some disappointment in her voice as she asked "Aren't you going to ask me to do Wilma for you?" I told her that I had, of course, been wanting to ask, but didn't want to seem rude or annoy her. She laughed and then, for the next few moments, I got to speak to Wilma Flintstone and Rosie the Robot. It was truly delightful, as was our entire conversation. She was a kind, funny, lady who couldn't have been nicer to me. About a year later, I was quite saddened to learn of her passing. I will never forget the experience.
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                        Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

                        Saw Harrison Ford at a resort in Lake Okoboji, Ia.

                        Bumped into Kerri Strugg (literally, she rammed into me and didn't even look up. Her flight was delayed and she was at our gate later so I made a big deal about her being there and she didn't get any peace for the rest of the day, karma baby :evil: ) Then literally 2 minutes later, we saw Jerry Springer- he is sooo tall! Strangest layover of my life!

                        Met Charlston Heston at the State of the State address in Arizona a few years back.

                        Met John McCain on several occasions.

                        Met Chip Foose (Overhaulin' on TLC) a few weeks ago at a car show in Sioux Falls.

                        Wow, that's more than I thought!
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                          Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

                          Holly McPeak just came in this morning to my work, just as an example.
                          -Jack :geek:
                          Doc Brown had 2 Deloreans!


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                            Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

                            I once talked to TOm Sizemore over the phone. This was just after his break up with Heidi Flise (sp?). I had no idea who he was, but knew that I recognised his name from somewhere. He was changing his phone number due to his ex stalking him. He seemed rather amused that I had no clue who his ex was or who he was. He was extremly nice during our conversation. it wasn't until after we were finished and one of my co-workers googled his name that I figured out where I knew the name from.

                            I also set up phone service for Cindy Williams. This was through her assistant. She NEVER gives out her date of birth (or at least the year of birth).

                            Keenan Ivory Wayens does not pay his phone bill and has about 7-10 different phone lines.

                            Andy Dick really is a Dick. He hit on everyone who answered his call.

                            During the 7 years I talked to a lot of celebs an their assitants, but I am not a star struck sort of person so it was never a big deal.


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                              Re: Celebrity encounters (not at the parks)

                              Originally posted by hollywood1939 View Post
                              I get celebrities at work all the time. At least once a week. Too much to count.

                              Really? You never told me that. I'd like to hear some stories...

                              Hmmm...I ran into Oscar Del La Hoya at a club in Downtown L.A.

                              Ta Da!


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