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whats your favorite ne cartoon?


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  • whats your favorite ne cartoon?

    i was just wondering, with all of the new cartoons coming out today what is your favorite, i tend to like spongebob,and fairlyoddparents more then the rest of them... some of my favorite quotes come from those shows,
    "were two halves of a whole idiot" :lol:
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    American Dad is pretty good. The main character reminds me a lot of shucks

    ^clicky clicky^


    • #3
      proud family, eventhough its been on for a bit. I still like it A LOT



      • #4
        I'm a sucker for Kim Possible.
        Looking for the truth about giraffes?


        • #5
          Originally posted by sunnygirl
          I'm a sucker for Kim Possible.
          You beat me to it Sunnygirl. I was going to say KP. Hey it's got a Naked mole rat and no one is complaining to the FCC about it. :lol: Sorry, I cracked myself up there. :o
          Ooo, heaven is a place on earth.


          • #6
            SpongeBob Square Pants
            Yes, it is fast....

            No, you can't drive IT.

            Drive it like it's stolen.


            • #7
              Fairly OddParents! Gotta Love Cosmo!

              Cosmo: The good news is, I named my nickel Phillip.
              Timmy: Uh, what's the bad news?
              Cosmo: It's a girl nickel.

              Cosmo: Let's get one thing straight. I'm not bright. Big words confuse me. I have the attention span of a rodent, and Wanda loves me anyway. And that should be enough for you.

              Timmy: Cool! We're in the Middle Ages!
              Cosmo: Look! I'm middle aged!
              [Poofs into a middle aged man]
              Cosmo: YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!

              Cosmo: ...And this is us cowering in fear 2 minutes ago, and this is us cowering in fear 1 minute ago, and this is us cowering in fear 30 seconds...

              talking about chores
              Cosmo: You could melt it all with heat vision.
              Wanda: Or you could wish for the chores to be done.
              Timmy Turner: That's a good idea. I wish...
              Cosmo: OR you could melt it, with HEAT VISION.
              Timmy Turner: Gotta go with superpowers
              What an idiot....

              Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


              • #8
                or my personaly cosmo and wanda quote 'were two halves of a whole idiot"
                but theres always the classic "im swimming in my own toilet... and i like it" :lol:


                • #9
                  " i remember as though it were yesterday I was supposed to give an old lady her pills at 9 o'clock, but i woke her up at two, she got really mad and started yelling, then she laid on the ground and got really quiet." the quote goes something like that, but makes me laugh everytime i think about it.
                  What an idiot....

                  Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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