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  • Favorite Football Team.....

    Are you ready.. Cause i am not untill i see my favorite the Tampa Bay buccaneers back at training camp at disney's wide world of sports... (they might as well make it a deal to be their every year from now on...)

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    I used to be a die-hard Rams fan untill they slapped all us Orange County fans in the face by moving to St. Louis. I couldn't like the Raiders since they basically did the very same thing to their fans. I never liked San Francisco and couldn't like San Diego since they were an embarassment against SF in the Superbowl. I had to go for a west coast team and so I went for the only other team there was on the west coast. The Seattle Seahawks. Besides, my father in law was Trent Dilfer's JV coach when he was in high school here at Aptos High.

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      Up until I married my husband, I didn't really have an NFL team. As long as I have known him, I have been a Broncos fan. His Bronco fandom goes back a couple of generations.

      Nathan's mom knew that his older brother would someday be a huge football fan. So much so that she put his name on the waiting list for Bronco season tickets when he was 11. When it came time to buy his season tickets, he was 18. He had seats in the South Stands of Mile High Stadium (the original) until they tore it down and moved to the new stadium. His seats are still technically in the South Stands, but with the new layout of Invesco Field at Mile High, the South Stands don't have the same mystique.

      As for my real professional team, that would be the USC Trojan football team. Fight On!
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        Let the flaming begin..... Go Dolphins!!!! (Well, maybe next year)


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          I'm still a Rams fan. Have been since I was about 10 years old or so. Didn't matter if they won, didn't matter if they lost they were still my team.

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            Die-hard Buffalo Bills fan. If I tell you why please don't ridicule me.
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              I'm kind of a fair weather fan, but I do enjoy the Rams. It just so happens that the first year I decided to start getting into football, they won the Super Bowl! So everything's been kinda down hill from that point... I learned that it's not always as exciting as it was that year... heh.


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                The Carolina Panthers is my team. I went to their opening game on september 17th, 1995 and have been a fan ever since.


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                  Reseda High School Regents.

                  Haven't cared about football since.

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                    49ers fan here always will be
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                      Originally posted by DLtrooper
                      49ers fan here always will be
                      I was raised to love the 49ers.
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                        I'm with you-Go niners
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                          I bleed Green and Gold.

                          Go Pack! (Hey, maybe with any luck, Michael Eisner will be hearing those words in the near future!)


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                            the NFC Champion Filthydelphia Eagles
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                              Im a 49er fan by heart...but I love the New England Patriots...must be Tom Brady!!
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                                Oakland Raiders!! :bow:
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                                  49er Fan here! My dad was involved with the NFL Alumni so I've gotten to meet quite a few 9er's and Raiders(bleech)

                                  My family is divided we have some strict 9er fans and some strict Raider fans, plus my husband is a Cowboys fan. Football season can get interesting around here!

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                                    Real Madrid!

                                    Go Dave Beckham!



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                                      Born-and-raised Seahawks fan right here! It's tough being in San Diego now where most of the Hawks games aren't televised, but I make do.
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                                        I'm not much of a football fan, but my favorite teams are the Raiders and whoever is playing the Cowboys.


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